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10 Reasons why you should study in China – Should you study in China? only you can answer this question but here are some reasons why you should consider studying in china as an international student.

There are numerous foreign places all over the globe to study your desire course, to experience what you want and what you intend to learn and achieve from school and your environment.

China is one of the famous countries for international students and higher study, choosing China as your dream places, for a beginning point and for a better future an experience can be a huge advantage.

Based on information and research, China provides more or possible opportunities for international students. And China offers their students, education chances to acquire or learn English and Chinese, which means enabling them to experience new things.

A report notes that, last year there was a breaking record of 398,000 international students flocked to study in China. Ranking it the world’s third most popular and famous destination. It is the most populated country with charming and captivating citizen, China also has beautiful histories, with people more concerned on learning and inventing.

And China is completely safe and free to go anywhere in the city at any time, it is danger free and never has a story been heard of a student in danger.

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After this article, you will be asking yourself why study in China frequently asked questions like;

  • How can I get scholarships to study in China?
  • How much does it cost to study in China?
  • Why study in China?
  • Can I study in China for Free?
  • What are the available scholarship to study in China?
  • Is studying in China worth it?
  • Can I study in China for free?
  • Is studying in China expensive?

Here are the beneficial reasons why you should choose China as your place or choice of study:

  • There are affordable tuition and scholarships in China.
  • Move beyond language.
  • Improving your career prospects.
  • Communicate with the masses.
  • Quality of education and international recognition.
  • Exploring the region.
  • Exploring one of the world’s oldest civilizations.
  • Seeing the (economic) future.
  • Travel and explore.
  • Discovering new and exciting food.

Why Study in China?

1. AFFORDABLE TUITION AND SCHOLARSHIPS: Affordable fee are is one of the major reasons a student will want to in study in China. They offer equivalent education to their students at a cheaper rate, universities in China like Tsinghua and Peking, are ranked for recruiting the best mind. And one of the highest universities for getting more funds from the Chinese government.

2. MOVE BEYOND LANGUAGE: It will enable the students to learn and know more about the new place and the language too. Getting to mingle with new friends will from another place around the world will give high chance to learn beyond languages.

3.IMPRROVING YOUR CAREER PROSPECTS: China has a wide range for resource in numerous businesses. The world’s top 500 companies are found in China, and China has made it clear to the people who can speak Chinese and have an experience in any field has a high advantage of been employed. Chinese culture and its people are great advantage to people who yearns to be the next generation of leaders.

4. COMMUNICATING WITH THE MASSES: Learning Chinese enables the students to communicate freely with other citizens of China.  885,000,000 people speak mandarin Chinese so to really master this language you need immerse yourself and haggle round China.

5. QUALITY OF EDUCATION AND INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION:  The universities from China have been fully recognized by most countries. The government has approved an agreement on the recognition of academic qualifications, the universities provide world-class education, degree program such as engineering, medicine, economic and trade, MBA.

6. EXPLORING THE REGION: It is of great advantage in your China location, to extend your horizon and sightseeing. Studying in China is a good way to get much travelling done before settling down for your new career goal.

7. EXPLORING ONE OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST CIVILIZATION: Their culture is of 500 years of history, despite the modernizing the culture and lifestyle still remain visible.  There is a morning array practice, one of the oldest Chinese practices was the martial art popularly known as Taichi.

Which is normally carried out at the park every morning as a form of exercise, for improving balance and stability and mental health. It also allows the students to practice calligraphy as a form design to stretched the fingers.

8. SEEING (THE ECONOMIC) FUTURE: The economy of the Chinese might have overtake that of the US but it has given rise to possible opportunities to their next generation leaders without doubt.

9. TRAVEL AND EXPLORE: It is and excellent opportunity to explore the world’s most famous country if you get to study their. You will get to blend with the beauty of the place and it’s ancient and modern civilization, and opening your eyes not just to China but to the world as a whole to get the chance to view it’s scenic and bustling areas.

10. DISCOVERING NEW AND EXCITING FOOD: You get the chance of trying different Chinease delicacy or treat, their meals are said to be dwelt  in harmony when a person tries it out.

Dumplings are one of their famous traditional food which dates back to more than 1,800 years. It will enable the students to go on excursion for trying out different meals and meeting amazing chef and even trying out different food fun challenge.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in China?

The average tuition fees in Chinese public universities range between 2,500 and 10,000 USD/academic year. Interested persons can also find several programmes with no tuition fees. These are usually offered by universities from other countries (e.g. the UK, Germany, Denmark), which have campuses in China.

How Can I Study in China for Free?

The Chinese government scholarships are numerous and they include the China Scholarship Council, Jiangsu Government Scholarship, Hubei Provincial Scholarship, and the Beijing Government Scholarship. … With these two universities, international students can study undergraduate degree in China for free.

Study in China Scholarships

There are numerous scholarships for deserving students and China is open to both her students and also international students from around the world.

Click Here to know more about how you can study in China on scholarship.

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