Want to stay in the job? Here’s 5 secret steps to keep you employed


Staying in that job

Hey there! You’re probably here because you feel the need to stay in the job. Whether it’s out of passion or pay, you’re at the right place( there’s no judgement here).

Here are 5 uncommon yet reliable steps you need to take to keep you employed and in that job. See more


This is a vital step that many people skip when working at a job but here’s what they don’t know. When you know what the job entails at different levels, it’s almost impossible to get fired or laid-off because you are important to that job and therefore an asset. To stay employed, you need to know your onionsStart digging for more knowledge!

Learning more about the job
Know your onions on the job


Ever seen an innovative staff laid-off with the others? My guess is “No” and that’s just the order of things. When an employee brings in something new to the organisation which is aimed at making work easier and increasing profitability, it’s usually almost impossible to replace that staff with someone else.

What i’m getting at is this; to stay in the job you need to stay relevant. Make yourself a need to your employer, not just a want.

Be Irreplaceable and to achieve that, you have to put your brain and creative self to work. That’s one way to stay employed and even get promoted.

Innovation for relevance
Developing new ideas to stay relevant at work


Now here’s a harsh truth you have to come to terms with if you must stay in that job of yours and maintain your employment status- you only fit into a job if you’re in tune with what it entails.

In other words, you must form unity with the long and short term goals of your employer for the organisation as well as the stipulated modus operandi to achieve those goals.

Alignment with organisational core values
Vision-mission alignment to achieve results


Now here’s something you don’t see everyday-you need people to help you remain in that job whether actively or passively. 

Read that again!

One thing you should always remember while you’re still working is that your relationship with colleagues and clients/customers determine to a large extent whether you get to keep that job or get replaced with someone else.

Here’s why- when you have a great relationship with your work colleagues, they wouldn’t advocate for your sack. This is because you’re not perceived as a threat but when you’re a one-man team at work, everyone recommends you when it’s lay-off season.

On the other hand, good interpersonal relationship with customers/clients improves the look of the organisation in terms of customer relationship management and turnover subsequently. This in turn reflects on the organisation’s profitability.

Apart from producing quality product or service, customers demand a seemingly personal relationship with the brand. That is what keeps them coming.

Any employee that promotes this particular strategy is an asset that is definitely keeping that employment status at that job.

Good interpersonal relationship at work

So many factors could be held responsible for periodic lay-offs from work but don’t let yourself be the reason for your lay-off.

These simple steps will help you through that job until you decide to leave. Knowledge is power so don’t let this knowledge go to waste. Use it!

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