Careersafrik is a Tested And Trusteed Job/news/careers advice website founded in September 2019 by it’s Manager Agabi Isreal Jacob. Our Mission is to help job seekers gain confidence and get their dream jobs.

We commit ourselves to reveal to you what it really takes to get hired by high paying job recruiters with tested strategies, templates and others…

Careersafrik has also helped many job seekers get their dream job using some of our career tips and we’ve made a lot of publications too.

We also display news on latest recruitment exercises and more…

About The Founder – Agabi Isreal Jacob

Agabi Isreal while in school, began working as a Chief Auditor for NESA, where he published his first magazine title the “Ecovoice Magazine” in 2018. He partnered with several personalities and owners of industries including Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Software Technology, and more.

He founded Careerafrik shortly after, in September 2019, and began publishing online job search advice/recruitments from a small home office outside of Abuja.

His advice is based on direct experience working with hundreds of top-notch personalities/job seekers, recruiting for multiple firms and top tech start-ups, and reviewing thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles.


If you want to get in touch, you can contact us via this page.