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Airtel Night Data Subscription Plans 2020 updated list – This is your number one guide based on the latest release by Airtel unlimited night plans subscription and how to subscribe for airtel night plan for smart trybe users!!

airtel night subscription



This discounted offer will benefit a lot of subscribers because of the numerous airtel internet subscribers in Nigeria.

Airtel has a fair data cost in Nigeria and it’s data plans are also great and only third to Glo and MTN with no other in terms of speed of data plan subscription but airtel Nigeria.

Code for Airtel Night Plan

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How to Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe?

Before you can enjoy the many benefits of airtel night sub, you have to first of all migrate to airtel smartTrybe plan and then you can start enjoy airtel smartTrybe unlimited data.

To subscribe dial the ussd code *321# then select 1 to be on the airtel smartTrybe plan.

If you’ve done that and are successful then let’s show you how to enjoy airtel unbeatable night data plans

How to Activate Your Airtel Night Plack from 12am to 5am

airtel night pack free

How to Subscribe for Airtel 500MB at N25 and N200 for 1.5GB

The price for airtel 500MB plan is N25 and this plan will last from 12am to 5am. You are expected to use this plan for just a night and after that you will have to subscribe for a new plan.

Once you dial the airtel ssubcription code *312# then you’ll see a menu like the one in image below;

airtel night subscription code

Follow these Steps to Subscribe for Airtel Nigeria Night Sub

To subscribe to airtel smarttrybe night data plan subscription at N25 or N200 then there are some steps you must take;

  • First of all you need to be on the smarttrybe airtel service for you qualify for this offer and we’ve given you steps on how to migrate to this airtel service
  • Dial the airtel night subscription code *312# and subscribe for the Airtel subscription plan you (i.e @25 & @200)
  • After that, you need to also have the required amount for this night plan which is N25.

What Makes Airtel Night Plan Different from Others?

This sub for airtel night plan for me is one of the best if not the best cause first of all the data bundle last really long and also, this subscription can be used from 12am to 5am and this airtel night data plan can be done more than once and this is the most juicy part of airtel subscirption.

Airtel Night Subscription Limit

Also airtel night data plan has no limit cause you keep subscribing and surfing as long as you don’t exceed the time limit from 12am to 5am.

We also have;

  • Airtel 1.5GB night data for 200 naira (12am – 5am)

How to Check for Airtel Data Bundle?

NOTE: You can’t check airtel data balance but not too worry there isalways a way to know how your data is being spent.

You can know this by following the steps below;

Follow the Steps:
1. Head to Phone settings
2. Select Data Usage
3. Toggle the cellular data limit for either 500mb or 1.5gb, depending on your data plan.
4. Set the data limit warning, so that you’ll be notified prior to the limit you set.

Final Note:

Finally we also love to get the opinions of our users on anything we publish on our site, and that being said we will like to know your experiences using this airtel night plan.

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