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100 Daring Bad Boy Names For Characters – We all the fact that bad boys are seen by most girls as being ‘Hot’. They are strong, dangerous, mysterious, and possess machismo. These guys can do a lot of intimidating functions, they have bad boy names but deep down they are very cute.

Not only are the boys themselves edgy, exclusive, and trendsetters, but their names are as well.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of 100 tough and edgy boy names with extreme swagger.

100 Hot Bad Boy Names for Characters with Meanings

A cool badass name for your little boy ensures the little boy is never taken for a boring and docile person. People around us first form an image of us by our name.

A bad boy’s name ensures a boy is taken for strong in school, college, or his job.

Though many parents earlier thought bad boy names are harsh and severe, but in contemporary times, parents have changed their outlook.

They now name their baby boys with flinty, steely, and stony names to imply the strong personality of their boys.

Some of you may questions like these in mind;

  • What is a Badass name for a guy?
  • What are some bad boy names?
  • What’s the rarest boy names?
  • What are Strong Male Names?
  • What are the Coolest Boy Names?
  • Hot bad boy names for male characters

To know what are some badass boy names see the below list, to choose the apt badass name for your baby boy

List of Bad Boy Names For Characters

  1. Jax:

Jax is a punchy twist on the classic name Jack. This ‘X ending name has an infamous association with Jax Teller, the tattooed president of the motorcycle club in “Sons of Anarchy”.

  1. Brendan:

Most of the parents shy from keeping a bad boy baby name because of their unpleasant meaning. If you are one of those mommies, then you can pick Brendan, a Gaelic name meaning ‘brave.’

  1. Ace:

From an ace up your sleeve to acing a test, this name has plenty of positive connotations yet sounds bad to the bone. This name is even starting to take a flight among the celebrity parents, Jessica Simpson being one of them.

  1. Joaquin:

Joaquin pronounced as ‘wah-keen’ is very popular in South Africa right now. Joaquin Phoenix brought this name to Hollywood and actress Kelly Ripa popularized it by giving it to her son.

  1. Rocco:

Rocco is a tough, cool bad boy name. It will sound a bit big for a little boy, but he will inevitably grow into it just like Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s son. This year, the name Rocco is on the #423 spot.

6. Draven:

The name Draven is inspired by Brandon Lee’s role in “In the Shadows’. This Wiccan name is also used by a member of Linkin Park.

7. Lars:

Lars got the swagger from the Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Even Ryan Gosling played the role of Lars in “Lars and the Real Girl”. Lars sounds both nerdy and badass to us.

8. Flash:

Flash will appeal to modern parents who are looking for an active boy name. We think that Flash would make a nice nickname or middle name.

9. Phoenix:

Is there anything more badass than naming your kid after a mythical bird that rose from the ashes? We think naught! Phoenix sounds very edgy and cool to us.

10. Axel:

The association with the Guns ‘N’ Roses Axle Rose and the hard ‘X’ sound make this moniker increasingly popular with parents.

Meaning ‘father of peace,’ the name has been rising steadily and currently ranks #167 on the baby boy list. Ax would be the perfect nickname for Axel.

11. Boris:

Boris, an Old English name meaning ‘to fight’ is gaining extreme popularity in Europe. You never know you could be setting up your son for a career in skull-cracking if you give him this name.

12. Zane:

Yes yes, we know John is classic, and no name can take its place. But bestowing a quirky version of the name won’t harm you either. Zane, meaning ‘Gift from God’ is a Hebrew version of the name John.

13. Tyrell:

Tyrell sounds similar to Terrell Owens, the controversial footballer.

14. Damon:

Damon, meaning stoic strength, is a tougher and edgier version of the name Damien. Damon Salvatore, the vamp in the “Vampire Diaries” perfectly embodied this name.

15. Ernest:

Ernest is said to be the name or the liar. Do you remember the Ernests from Oscar Wilde’s play “The Importance of Being Earnest?

16. Malcolm:

Malcolm the X was a rebel, but with a cause. The name Malcolm is a royal name in Scotland, being the name of four Scottish kings.

17. Fox:

Fox is a tough, animal name backed by a long tradition. This sleek and simple name would make a very intriguing middle name.

18. Gunner:

Gunner, meaning the ‘bold warrior’ is a nouveau macho name usually favored by trendy parents. Gunnar is an alternate spelling of this name.

19. Jagger:

Jagger is a swagger name that has been picked by a number of celebrities including Bret Scallions and Lindsay Davenport. The occupational name means ‘carter.’

20. Dash:

Dash is a nickname that sounds smashing on its own. It was popularized by none other than the Kardashian enterprise. Dash is an Anglicization of the French surname de Cheil or Dashiell.

21. Hunter:

The name Hunter combines macho imagery with softened masculinity. The name has been attached for years to the journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Even Josh Holloway used the name for his son.

22. Ranger:

Ranger is a neo-macho name meaning ‘forest guardian.’ The name has a cowboyish feel to it. It even sounds a lot better than Danger.

23. Diesel:

This name has badass written all over it.

The moment we think of the name Diesel, either the fuel or the denim brand comes to mind. But the name was actually a pet form of the name Mathias or Matthew.

24. Maddox:

Maddox is a name with a strong and powerful image. We all know that Angelina Jolie chose it for her son in 2002.

25. Power:

The name Power carries more assertiveness than any other virtue name.

26. Racer:

Racer is one of the newest and coolest names chosen by director Robert Rodrigues. He chose Rocket, Rebel, and Rogue for his other kids.

27. Ransom:

Ransom is rakish and carries is still associated with holding someone for ransom. This image makes Ransom a bad boy name.

28. Rowdy:

The moniker Rowdy originated in the United States to describe a lawless and rough backwoodsman.

29. Maxen:

This ancient and badass name manages to sound both cool and modern. It was the name of the fourth-century Spanish general.

30. Ryder:

Ryder is one of the favorite ‘er’ ending names. It came into the spotlight when Kate Hudson and her husband Chris Robinson chose for their son.

31. Sargent:

Sargent is one of the few military names. It is also associated with painter John Singer Sargent. Sergeant is a spelling variation of this name.

32. Stone:

You may find this name severe and harsh, but most of the parents these days are leaning towards this single-syllable name.

33. Striker:

Striker is the latest, two-syllable gang of boy’s name. It has a macho and aggressive meaning and image.

34. Talon:

Talon is a French name meaning ‘large claw of a bird’. The meaning may be menacing, but the name has been selected by hundreds of parents because of its trendy ‘on’ ending.

35. Wolf:

Wolf, just as Bear and Fox are one of the fierce animal names. It is also a short form of the name Wolfgang.

36. Shooter:

The shooter is a trendy, badass name for baby boys. It became more popular as the nickname of Waylon Jennings Junior, the husband of Drea DeMatteo. Even Julian Schnabel used it for his newborn son.

37. King:

King is a name filled with offbeat style and rich association. The name climbed to #175 this year.

38. Neo:

The name Neo may not have enjoyed the same popularity as its female counterpart, but it sounds good for boys too.

39. Denim:

If you want to give a fabric name to your kid, then Denim would be your perfect choice. Even the renowned singer Toni Braxton chose this name for her son.

40. Breaker:

Breaker is another aggressive name for you baby boy. The name is perfect for people who want an out-of-the-box name for their son.

41. Buster:

Buster is one of the old-fashioned nicknames that sounds cool and quirky even today.

42. Butch:

Just like Spike and Babe, Butch is an old-school, rough and tough nickname. The name will surely click on the hipster parents.

43. Rebel:

Rebel is the perfect name to make your son the center of attraction.

44. Dagger:

There seriously cannot be a more badass name than this. This sharp and slightly scary name will arm young guns to battle in the cruel, modern world.

45. Buck:

In the 18th century, the term Buck was used to describe a fashionable and dashing young man. Today, it refers to ‘male deer.

46. Blade:

The blade is one of those male names that manage to be macho and unconventional at the same. It even has an aggressive touch. We like it!

47. Harley:

Harley was traditionally an English surname, but these days, when we think about Harley, we believe Harvey-Davidson.

48. Wilder:

You can never go wrong with this tough guy name. Meaning ‘to cause to lose one’s way,’ it really cannot get much badass than this.

The name is even on the rise, having made it to the top 100 lists this year.

49. Mekhi:

Just like Zane, if you like the name Michael, but want an edgy variation of the name, and then you can try Mekhi. Despite being old, this name sounds very new.

50. Jett:

Jett is a perfect heavy metal rock name. The moniker comes from the black, semi-precious stone Jett.

Other Badass Boy Names with their Meanings

Take a look at some tough boy names which might help you in your search of the perfect name for your baby boy:

1. Abir

Abir is a cool and unique name choice for your baby boy and it means ‘a strong and definite aroma’.

2. Ace

Ace as a name conveys the spirit which it stands for, it means ‘to be the best at everything or the one that excels’.

3. Aiden

Aiden sounds like an exotic name for your baby boy. This name of Irish origin means ‘fiery’.

4. Ajax

Ajax is another cool name that finds its way in the list of bad boy names. The meaning of this name is ‘eagle’.

5. Apollo

Apollo is a wonderful name that has a Greek origin. The meaning of this name is ‘someone who has the power to destroy.

6. Augustus

Another rugged yet classy name is Augustus. The meaning of this name is ‘someone who is great or magnificent.

7. Axel

Axel is an uncommon name of Scandinavian origin which means ‘father of peace’.

8. Blaze

Blaze is an absolute no-nonsense name that finds its way in the list of badass baby boy names. The name refers to ‘an inherent fire’.

9. Boris

The name Boris means ‘fighter or warrior’.

10. Brendan

Brendan is a Gaelic name that has a great impact.

The meaning of this name is ‘prince or king’.

11. Bronco

The name Bronco is simple yet unique and has a Spanish origin. The meaning of Bronco is ‘an unbroken horse’.

12. Caesar

Who is unfamiliar with the name of the great Roman emperor Julius Caesar! This absolute badass name means ‘long-haired’.

13. Cassius

Cassius is a name of Latin origin that means ‘empty or hollow’.

14. Damon

Another pick from cool edgy boy names could be this one. The meaning of the name Damon is ‘to tame or subdue’.

15. Dexter

The meaning of the name Dexter is ‘a skilled person, right-handed’. This is also a really cool-sounding name for your baby boy.

16. Draco

Draco is a name of English origin and it means ‘a a dragon’.

17. Drake

Drake is derived from an Old Norse name Draki meaning ‘dragon’. The English meaning of this name is ‘a a male duck’.

18. Duncan

The name Duncan is of Gaelic origin and its meaning is ‘a a dark warrior’.

19. Fender

Fender is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘a defender or protector’. It also has Germanic origins and it means ‘flag bearer’.

20. Finn

Finn is a masculine and charming name that can be a good fit for your baby boy. The meaning of this name is ‘fair or white’.

21. Griffin

Griffin is a Welsh name that means ‘a strong lord’.

22. Harvey

Harvey is yet another name that conveys a lot of machismo. The meaning of this name is ‘battle ready’ or ‘blazing iron’.

23. Hendrix

Hendrix is a somewhat traditional name with a swagger, meaning ‘son of Hendrick’.

24. Jax

Jax is a short and simple name that sounds really exotic. It means ‘son of Jack’ or ‘God is gracious.

25. Joaquin

Joaquin is yet another exotic name for your baby boy which means ‘one who is lifted by Yahweh’.

26. Kanye

Kanye is an offbeat and attractive first name for a boy. It means ‘an honor or a tribute’.

27. Knox

Knox is a name inspired by Fort Knox which is a US Army Post in Kentucky. The name means ‘from a small hill’.

28. Leonidas

The name Leonidas is of Greek origin and it means ‘lion’.

29. Maddox

Maddox is a unique name that means ‘son of Maddoc’ or ‘fortunate’.

30. Marco

This is a name of Italian origin and it refers to Mars the Roman god of war.

31. Murphy

Murphy is a cool and tough name with an inherent softness in its sound. The meaning of this name is ‘a sea warrior’.

32. Odin

This name takes after Lord Odin who is a revered god in Norse mythology. Odin stands for healing, knowledge, mystical powers, and frenzy.

33. Pax

Pax is a name with a Latin origin. It means ‘peace’.

34. Phoenix

Phoenix is a name that gives a feeling of mysteriousness and ruggedness at the same time. It means ‘dark red’.

35. Rocco

The name Rocco has Italian and German origins. This is also one that seems like a mandatory inclusion in the list of tough boy names for your kid. The meaning of Rocco is ‘to rest’ or ‘roar, battle cry’.

36. Rockefeller

Rockefeller is an American name that means ‘one who hails from Rockenfield, Germany’.

37. Sanjay

Sanjay is a name of Indian origin that conveys sheer resilience and utmost strength. The meaning of this name is ‘one who conquers or triumphs’.

38. Slater

This name is used to refer to ‘one who is the maker of slates’.

39. Sylvester

Sylvester is also a rugged name choice for your baby boy. It means ‘wooded and wild’.

40. Timber

Timber as a name has American origins. The meaning of this name is used to refer to ‘a kind of wood or strong’.

41. Tormund

Tormund is a unique and exotic name for your baby boy. It has a Scandinavian origin. The meaning of this name is ‘mind’ or ‘courage’.

42. Tyson

The meaning of the name Tyson is ‘firebrand’.

43. Valerian

Valerian is a name of Latin origin. It means ‘strong and healthy.

44. Victor

Another cool and edgy name for your baby boy can be Victor. The meaning of this name is ‘one who wins’ or ‘conqueror’.

45. Wyatt

Wyatt is an uncommon name choice for a baby boy. It means ‘one who is brave in battle’.

46. Xavier

The meaning of the name Xavier is ‘one who is bright and splendid’.

47. Xeno

Xeno is an exotic-sounding name for your baby boy. It is used to refer to ‘foreign voice’.

48. Zaccai

Zaccai is a name of biblical origin. It means ‘one who is of pure meat, or is just’.

49. Zayn

Zayn is a Quranic name that is used to refer to ‘grace and excellence’.

50. Zephyr

Zephyr is a beautiful name that means ‘west wind’.

Which of these names did you find more appealing?

The job of choosing a name is quite difficult, but we hope you enjoyed the process. We also hope you make the most of your time as parents by savoring every moment.

We wish you the best for a happy and wonderful parenting journey ahead of you!