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7 Intelligent Interview Questions to ask Employers | Killer Tips

7 Intelligent Interview Questions to Ask Employers You've probably been in a couple of interviews and not know about this or maybe sometimes you wonder...
working with an ex or significant other

“My ex is my boss”:Handling romantic relationships at work

OMG! It can get super awkward when you find out that you're working with an ex at the same job! Or after your fervent...
rules of work

Professionalism at work: 5 standard rules of the work place

Many people get into work without knowing the important rules guiding the workplace. Professionalism at work is a must if you must remain in...
searching for a job

Searching for a Job? ”The Ways of Job Searching and Their...

Searching for a Job? ''The Ways of Job Searching and Their Pros and Cons'' Are you looking for a new job? If you are, you...
quit that job

5 Irrefutable Signs You Need to Quit Your Job

You might find it hard to come to terms with the fact that at some point, you would need to quit your job. It's...
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Great Sample Thank You Emails After an Interview (2 Examples) 2020...

Sending follow-up thank you emails after an interview has overtime proven to be a good strategy for job seekers as millions of applicants have...

Getting a Job With No Experience | 5 Proven Strategies

Hello! Getting a Job without any work experience? Hell yeah! That is TOTALLY possible. However, understand that there is a split difference between having...

7 Important Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers

7 IMPORTANT ZOOM INTERVIEW TIPS FOR JOB SEEKERS We live in a new age where people do not have to be present to do anything...
Not getting Promoted

5 Unique Steps to Take After Being Laid-Off From Work

Being laid-off and getting fired are not the same. Unfortunately, both concepts are mostly used interchangeably and that's just wrong. Lay-offs usually happens when...

Not getting Promoted at work? Here’s why

It is very disheartening that after much effort has been put into a job, there's no incurring benefit on your part for your sacrifices. In...
questions to ask before taking up a new job

10 Questions to Ask Before Taking Up That New Job Offer

10 Questions to Ask Before Taking Up That New Job Offer Finally you've gotten everything right by submitting your resume, going for the interview and...
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Coca Cola Job Recruitment 2021 September | Check Open Positions Here

Coca Cola Job Recruitment 2021/2022 Vacancies -  The latest Nigerian coca cola job vacancies are currently open for all suitable and interested candidates in...