Expedite Your Job Search with a Dollar-Driven Executive Resume

dollar driven executive resume

Today technology has become very much advanced. We live in the digital world, and it would not be untrue to say that finding or searching for jobs in newspapers has become old-fashioned and outdated.

Today, if you want to expedite your job search, we suggest you take help from modern tips and technology.

If you are interested in finding the right job, you have to focus on making an executive resume. Without a resume, there is no way that you can land a good job.
In this short article, we will tell you all about the tips and tricks that would help you make a resume like a pro. You would also find details of the best resume builder tool that can help you create a perfect CV.

How to create a dollar-driven executive resume?

As we have told you before, searching and finding the right job requires an attractive resume. This section has listed some tips and tricks that would help you create an executive resume.

According to experts, a good resume is the only thing that will get you your dream job, so you have to put extra effort into creating the best resume!

Right way to create a professional resume

Follow this guide to create the best resume:

●       Pick the right resume format

The first stage of resume building is to select the format which you want to work on. Today you would find many resume builder tools which would offer you multiple templates based on different formats. The three main and commonly used resume formats include:

  1. Reverse chronological resume format
  2. Functional resume format
  3. Combination resume format

The reverse chronological resume format is more popularly used, and this is because it is ideal for people who have plenty of work experience. This experience shall be relevant to the job position you are applying for. Functional resumes are the ones that are based on skills. People who don’t have much experience shall use functional resumes. The third type of resume is a combination of both. If you have both relevant experience and skills for the job position, you should go for this format.

●       Choose the right resume layout

Choosing the right resume layout is very important. If your resume is not clear and concise, then there is no way to win the hiring manager’s interest.

A clean resume layout is going to have the following characteristics:

  1. An appealing resume is one page in length.
  2. The resume should have clear headings above the different sections.
  3. It should have ample white space,
  4. The font style should be very easy to read.
  5. The font size should not be very big or small. The ideal rule is to go for 11 or 12 pt.

The modern resume builder tools can help you set the right layout.

●       Mention your contact information

What’s the point of creating an attractive and executive resume if you don’t add your contact information for the hiring manager? If you want to get called for the interview, then you have to make sure that you give out clear and professional contact information on the resume.

●       List your job experiences and skills

When you are applying for a job, you have to make sure that you add previous experiences, skills and achievements that complement the position you are applying for. Here we would suggest you not overcrowd the resume with the work experience and skills that are irrelevant to the job position.

●       Include revenue and profit figures

When you are making an executive resume, you have to make sure that you add some figures in it that can win the hiring manager’s interest. You can tell about your role in generating revenue and profits for the company you worked previously in. This would show your worth to the HM.

●       Demonstrate your technical & personal authority

The depth of experience and skills is what inspires the hiring manager. If you are applying for a job that involves handling certain aspects, you have to tell the employer about your grip and authority in the field. For instance, if you are applying for a banking position, you have to show them your financial authority and credibility.

Can a Resume Builder help in finding your dream job?

A resume builder like Smallseotools.com can help you create an executive resume and work as a headhunter and get you the right job. From adding the right skills to the right keywords in the resume, this online resume builder can help you find the right match for your experience and skills. Today, most job applications and resumes are sent online. You must also know that this resume creator and resumes are also screened using digital technology and tools. So the best way to search and get selected for the perfect executive job is by taking help from the online resume maker tools!