5 Relevant Tips to Employing The Right Staff


It happens that at some point in your organisation, a position gets vacant and in need of a replacement. But how to fill that void becomes the bone of contention. You might worry about the worthiness of potential replacements for the job but as always, we’ve got you covered. In this post, you’ll be getting acquainted with some unique tips to guide you towards hiring the best man/woman for the job as well as employing the right staff.

employing the right staff
Employing the right staff

Tip 1- Know Their Professional Qualifications

One person you don’t want in your organisation is an employee who isn’t in any way qualified for the job. Employing the right staff involves hiring people who have the skill set your organisation needs at that point in time.

Therefore, their academic and/or professional qualifications must be what the organisation need. At least, it must be related to the requirements.

In hiring the right person for the job there cannot exist any iota of bias if you want to get the best output from the potential employee.

To employ the right staff/person for the job, your job description must be really clear to attract people trained in your industry.

Tip 2- Ask The Right Interview Questions

This is a very important tip to note because it is the bedrock to the employment process. If you don’t ask relevant interview questions, you won’t get the right answers that determine whether you’re employing the right staff or not.

You need to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are and determine how they could affect your organisation(negatively or positively).

Ask them how they could use their skill set as well as qualification to improve the output of the organisation.

NoteĀ that it is expected for interviewees to be thoroughly prepared. In that case, ask customized questions that are pertinent to the organisation.

For instance, Mr Redding of Redding-Wood Tech Solutions says, “Instead of asking “What are you skilled in?” he asks, “How does your skill set improve output at Redding-Wood Tech Solutions?”

This will put them in perspective as regards the organisation.

Ask the right questions
Ask the right questions

Tip 3- Critically Evaluate Their Work Ethics

Expect potential staff to try to impress you with their qualification and skill set. But do not get fooled by that as it is very common for them to over-project themselves.

Therefore, as an employer you need to critically evaluate their work ethics to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This is necessary if you must employ the right staff/right person for the job.

Most employers like Dr Andrew Marshall say that they give a one-month probation to successful interviewees to evaluate their claims on themselves.

Employing the right staff requires that the employer checks for team work, punctuality, problem solving strategies, and so on.

Dr Andrew Marshall, a Physiotherapist and CEO, Fit In Gymnasium says, “I give successful applicants a one-month trial period where I create problems and delegate them to solve them. I do this to find out their problem solving strategies as well as their teamwork strength”.

Tip 4- Look Out For Inquisitive Staff

Staff or potential employees that ask important questions even at the interview stage, are exactly what your organisation needs when the goal is employing the right staff.

Inquisitiveness especially at Interview stage is a sign of a confident staff; someone who knows their worth. It shows that they are really interested in the scope of the job and not just the paycheck.

In hiring the right staff, you need to respond to questions posed by the interviewee or staff to give them a clearer idea of what decisions to make as regards the organisation.

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Tip 5- Clearly Outline Remuneration Plans

One major mistake employers make is avoiding the topic of remuneration. If the job description for a particular position is very tasking, it is expected that a reciprocal salary or wage plan be adopted.

To employ the right staff, the salary or wage benefit has to be worth it. If not, NO STAFF would be right for that jobĀ except they don’t know their worth. This is so because every staff has an expectation of an equal incentive or payment of the work they put in.

Therefore, in employing the right staff, the right salary or wage scheme has to be put in place.


These are major ways to employ the right person for the job without regrets. Tell us your personal experiences in the comment section. We’d love to read them!

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