Why Can’t I Find a Job? 8 Common Reasons Why You Can’t Find a Job.


If you are a job seeker and you have been searching for a job but to no avail, then this article is a must-read for you. Why Can’t I find a job?

Please take your time to go through each case scenario and see which one you fall into and work on it so you can secure your job.

”Why Can I Find a Job?”

Problem: You Applied But You Don’t Get Phone Calls or Interviews?

If you’ve been applying for jobs, sending applications and you are not getting any callback, then here are the possible reasons;

  1. You’re not customizing Your Resume: Many companies receive tons and tons of applications for jobs and for you to get a callback, your resume has got to stand out. It May be possible that you did not tailor your resume well enough; so what you need to do is try to customize your resume. Possibly get a professional to do it for you. Try this out and you will be blown off by the instantaneous result.
  2. You’re Probably ain’t Apply for Many Jobs: Many job applicants apply for very few jobs and get frustrated after not being called for an interview. You trying your best but your best isn’t good enough cause trust me that at this age, you can’t get to secure an interview if you don’ apply for many jobs.
  3. If You Have a Big Gap in Employment then Reconcile it: Yea, this is quite important too; always make sure to include this in your cover letter to the intending company. I would not advise you but it in your resume but it’s still okay though. Just make sure you caption in your application.

Problem: Not Getting any Call Back After Your Interview

At this stage there’s nothing wrong with your CV;

Believe it or not, most persons fall into this category, and trust me it can be frustrating; Here are some possible reasons you fall into this category.

  1. You Didn’t Make Enough Research: Companies are not just out for anybody but they are interested in someone who will go the extra mind to knowing more bot the company; how they make money, who is their customer, what are their visions; this will poise you as a serious-minded person and will also show that you know what you want. When asked questions like ‘What d you about us?’ this will help know how to answer and also ask questions yourself.
  2. If You Were Fired or Laid-off You Have to Be Prepared to Explain: When I say to explain, I don’t mean you should start blaming your past employer or such; Just tell them briefly how you’ve learnt from your past job and that it has made you stronger for more opportunities and you’ve moved on.
  3. Confidently and Boldly Describe Your Resume: If there’s one thing that is hindering you is your mannerism when asked that you should give a rundown of your CV. Make sure you be brief and specific on the details. Tell them also about what’s not in the CV and please make sure you show enthusiasm and excitement.

Problem: Getting Through Many Interviews But No Job Offer:

Okay so if you’ve gotten this far and still no job, then here are a few things you need to look into still;

  1. Not Projecting Your Answers Enough: Getting a job these days is pretty much competitive and as such you must be ready to give the most intelligent and impressive answers when the need be. Look at the job description and tailor your skills to align with what the company needs. When asked an interview question, make sure to always project the company.
  2. Your Not Asking Good Questions: Make sure you are asking a question or two when in an interview. Not asking any question at all is a turn off for most companies and it will make them think you are desperate and you don’t care much.

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How to Find the Right Job and Get Employed Today?

Well if you’ve gone through this write and discovered where it is that you’re getting it all wrong; adjust and trust me you’re of a better chance of getting employed.

Don’t take this as a red carpet chance. It’s never easy but if you have gone through this write-up, then you probably have a change of approach toward your job search.

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