Free Album Downloads 2021 Websites | See the Top 10 Full Length Album Download Sites


Free Album Downloads 2021 Websites – List of Free Album Downloads Websites – Finding the Best Site For Downloading Free Music

There are a lot of free music download websites out there but how do you know which one is the best and safest one?

It can be difficult to tell as most of these websites are illegal and can lead to a long list of problems, including viruses, spyware, and malware. To make matters worse, some of these websites may even charge you to make a download!

So, whether you’re downloading full albums for free or buying music CDs, it’s important that you do your research beforehand. The internet has all sorts of music options. You’ll find genres ranging from classical to rap and everything in between.

When surfing, make sure that you’re focusing on certain genres because they are usually the easiest to get hold of and most likely to offer good quality music.

There are thousands of music genres and subgenres out there and it’s a shame to get lost browsing through these, particularly if you have specific preferences for what kind of music you like.

Tips About Finding the Right Site to Download Music From;

Most websites that offer free downloads will let you download individual songs but remember that this will usually come at a price. Many of these sites are supported by ads, so this means that the price you pay will go up if you want to download the full album.

This is why free music download sites are not ideal – you will usually end up paying quite a lot for each download. The better sites offer a membership option where you can download unlimited tracks for a one-time fee.

This way, you don’t need to worry about how many tracks you want to download and are more likely to stick to one song for a while until you’re happy with it.

A huge database is another reason why you should look for a paid site before settling on a free one. If you only have one genre in mind and aren’t too fussy, a free-based website could end up with millions of music genres, which would seriously overwhelm you.

A huge database means that you can scroll through the database to find all your favourite bands immediately. A good site will also have a huge list of artists from different genres, so you can choose the ones you enjoy listening to based on their sound.

You’ll be able to download real live albums from artists you like because they are available as downloads via the website.

One final thing you should consider when choosing an album downloader is the usability of the site. Does it feel as intuitive and easy to use?

Do you easily know where to find a track you’re looking for? Do you have simple instructions on how to transfer songs from one device to the next?

If the site is simple and intuitive, you won’t have to search too hard to find the track you want. You should be able to do almost everything with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Best Free Music Download Site:


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List of Sites to Download Full MP3 Music Albums for Free

1. Jamendo – Website:

2. – Website:

3. MP3juices – Website

4. Stereokiller – Website:

5. Bandcamp – Website:

6.  YouTubeByClick – Website:

7.  Freesound – Website:

8. Public Domain 4U – Website:

9. Audionautix – Website:

1o. BeeMP3s – Website:

All these are very good websites on which you can download full albums for free. I urge you to give this a try

Final Note:

Listening to music is a wonderful pastime, and it’s always enjoyable to see new songs in different genres.

By doing a quick internet search, you’ll probably come across a lot of music sites that offer free music files for downloading.

However, free music is not always what you might be looking for. If you’re looking for full-song downloads, be sure to go with a reputable site that provides fair play for all genres of music.

If you’re looking for only free albums that you can easily find with a simple internet search, keep these tips in mind when looking for the perfect free site.


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