Getting a Job With No Experience | 5 Proven Strategies


Hello! Getting a Job without any work experience? Hell yeah! That is TOTALLY possible. However, understand that there is a split difference between having no work experience and being unqualified for a job.

Let’s make it easier to understand

Having no experience on a job means that you’ve NEVER worked that particular job or in some cases any job at all.

On the other hand, being unqualified for a job means that there is no background at all or that you’ve not garnered the appropriate knowledge for the job and there is no potential of succeeding at the job.

So without much ado, let’s get into how you could get that bag (in this case, that job) with little or no experience!

5 Proven Ways to hit that Dream Job with Little or no Work Experience

1. Draft your resume for every job interview

As lame as this may sound, this actually gives you a 65% chance of being called for an interview.

Although drafting a different domain for each job description may be tedious but would you rather prefer to send out 50 applications and get 1 or no response than to send 10 resumes and get a call from three (3) companies?

Always make sure to go through the job description and align your past experiences with them.

2. Increase Your Network Base

Now when I say network base, I do not mean just increasing your number of average folks who do not have the virtue of being trusted.

It is said based on research that 20% of the richest people in the world, controls 80% of the world’s wealth and it has stayed that way for a long time; this means that your network matters a lot.

With referrals from a trusted source, you’ll have the privilege of being trusted and regarded the same way your referral was also regarded.

If you are a fresh graduate, why not reach out to some of the alumni who are now employed and find out if their companies are hiring.

Make sure to also stay in contact with colleagues and high-ranking people that can referral you and trust me with one phone, or one text/letter that can change the outcome of your life and job search.

3. Make Applying for Different Jobs a Habit

If possible make a timetable or a roaster or set a reminder to know when you need to apply for any upcoming job.

This means you need to put in the time to do a proper job search then with time you will see the results.

4. Save Time by Using Different Job Search Applications

These apps pr websites are meant to save you tons of minutes and will land you that dream job.

Some of these apps or website includes;

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Facebook and others.

5. Organization and Follow-up

This is another proven strategy in order for you to land that dream job and also save yourself a lot of time.

Look for those places you’ve sent applications to and make sure to send a follow-up message to them and this I tell you would not take you 15 minutes and trust me; it’s worth it.

This is only feasible if you stay focused and organized.

We recommend you draft a table with;

  • Company’s name
  • Date you applied
  • How you did.


If you have read through the above article meticulously, then you should by now know how to get a job with little or no experience.

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