Global Cyber University 2021 Admissions – Acceptance Rate, Tuition Fee, Courses


Global Cyber University 2021 Admissions – Get high-quality education at the Global cyber university and get a head-start for high paying jobs in the US and around the world. 

The global cyber university is one of the top universities that has a good environment for learning and also a high standard curriculum.

Are you looking for a good university to start your career at? then look no further and start a course at the Global cyber university.

On this page, we will be giving you useful tips about Global cyber university, its admission requirements, courses, online courses, acceptance rate and everything you need to know to help you get started with your course.

We assure you after this article you will not be in the dark as to Global cyber university frequently asked questions like;


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Global Cyber University Frequently Asked Questions/Google Search

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Without much ado, let’s dive into what Global cyber university is all about;

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About Global Cyber University

GCU (Global Cyber University), the globally central university educating 21st century’s global men of ability, globalizing Korean traditional and realizing welfare society.

This university is popularly known as BTS university. This is because 6 out of the 7 BTS members all attended Global cyber university.

They also base their ideas on the ”Hongik Spirit”, which simply imply – Human, Earth & Brain.

Why Study in the Global Cyber University

There are two parts to this question, and that is the school part and you as an aspirant part. That is to say, you have to know what your aspirations are; whether as a fresher/starter or as someone who is looking to increase his/her degree.

On the part of the BTS university, you can consider studying at the GCU because of the following factors;

  • Global Cyber University is nurturing creative individuals, communicating with the world and developing talent and dreams through popular culture and art.
  • At Global Cyber University, we believe education is fundamental to how people live their lives, much more important than the kind of smartphone they choose or the television shows they watch
  • This philosophy, forming the foundation of Global Cyber University’s educational pedagogy, is known as Hongik in Korea. Its meaning is simple: live and work for the benefit of all, not just for yourself. It is essentially the motto of Korea, one which Korean people have strived to live by since their earliest history.

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What is the Global Cyber University(GCU) Ranked For?

The global cyber university is a college devoted to ensuring people reach their full potentials and help them with their personal development. That is to say, they help people live better lives than they used to live.

Is Global Cyber University Accredited?

The correct answer is YES. They have full accreditation. The Global cyber university was accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Higher Education Act as a four-year course university.

They have with them, these three(3) departments;

  • Department of Human Services
  • The Department of Global Management.
  • And, the Department of Cultural Content.

What are the Major in Global Cyber University

Do you want to know what courses or programs the Global cyber university offer?

They pride themselves on the goal of achieving an increase in the quality of life for individuals through education and enlightenment.

These are the following courses they do as a professional institute;’

  • Counselling Psychology
  • Brain Education Convergence
  • Sports & Health
  • Brain-based Emotion Coaching
  • Practical English
  • AI Convergence
  • Convergence Contents
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Convergence Management
  • Oriental Studies
  • Interdisciplinary- Major
    • Dementia Care
    • Global K-Culture

What is Global Cyber University Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate for BTS university is very high and according to worldscholarshipforum, it is valued at 96.3%. And this implies that if you work really hard, your chances of being admitted into the university is high.

How Do I get Admission into the Global Cyber University?

All persons looking to apply for admission into the GCU must know that all courses are taught in Korean, and so you must know how to read and write in Korean so be able to thrive in the university.

The university does not require you to write any proficiency test.

Global Cyber University Requirements;

Documents Requirements;

  • Official entire years of transcripts for high school (Translated and notarized)
    *** If you graduated in different countries for elementary school, middle school, and high school,
    you need to submit all official transcripts of them (elementary school, middle school, and high school).
  • Official High School Diploma (Translated and notarized)
  • Official Agreement for Enrollment and Academic Credits (Attached file)
  • Academic History Verification Report or the Verification of Apostille
    *** Please contact education-related public institutions or the applicant’s embassy or consulate for
    the information about the Academic History Verification Report
  • A 3×4 inches of applicant’s photo
  • Online GCU Application Form (Download)
  • Copy of passport


How to Apply – Application Process

Submit an Online Application;
  • Go to
  • Fill out the application form completely and save it.
  • Make application fee payment (KRW 30,000)
  • Fill out Study Plan and Academic Aptitude Test

Make sure to check the document requirements above…

Global Cyber University Admission Deadlines

  • For Fall Term (starting September 1st, 2021)
    – June 1st, 2021 – July 6th, 2021 (23:59 KST)
    – July 20th, 2021 – August 17th, 2021 (23:59 KST)The Admissions Office may request additional documents when in need of confirming the authenticity of submitted documents.

How Much is the Tuition Fee in Global Cyber University

  • Entrance Fee: KRW 166,000
  • Course Fee: KRW 70,000 per credit
  • Total course fee per semester (18 credits for 6 courses): KRW 1,260,000

Their Payment Methods is through Credit Cards or Wire Transfers

School Official Website

If you want to read more about this admission, visit the official website for BTS university.



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