Top Highest Paying Civil Engineering Jobs in the World 2021


Top Highest Civil Engineering Jobs in the World 2021 – Here are some of the highest civil engineering jobs for civil engineer graduates around the world that pay really well;

civil engineer jobs

On this page, we will show you some of the best Engineering jobs near you and you are looking to start a job career in the Engineering sector.

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List of Top Paying Civil Engineering Jobs Near You

  • Structural Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Marine Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Water Resource Engineer
  • Civil Engineer


Highest Paying Civil Engineering Jobs


1. Structural Engineer:

This set of engineers play a very important role in nation-building. They do all sorts of structures ranging from; dams, bridges, flyovers, etc.

There are so many aspects to structural engineering and most times structural engineers work with project supervisors, from the preliminary stage of a project to its final stage.

Making sure the project meets environmental requirements, health and safety standards, and regulatory guidelines is a very vital role for a structural engineer.

Want to Know Structural Engineer Salary?

Structural engineers earn an average of about $90,000 annually, according to the 2017 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Salary Survey.


2. Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineers deal with the basic dynamics of soil and rock. Engineers specializing in this field typically work on the design, analysis, and construction of retaining walls, tunnels, roadways, embankments, and building foundations.

Much of a geotechnical engineer’s time is dedicated to writing reports that detail soil characteristics and requirements to support a building or development. Geotechnical engineers earn an average annual wage of about $90,000, according to the 2017 ASCE Salary Survey.


3. Marine Engineers

This part of the civil engineering jobs includes the building and setting-up of marines, sailboats, aircraft carriers, etc.

This job has to do with writing a series of reports and cost estimation and as much as possible this person must have great communication skills. The BLS reports that marine engineers and naval architects earn a median salary of $92,560.


4. Engineering Managers

At this stage of your engineering career, you need to develop great leadership skills. Engineers at this level will have to know basic principles of finance, business, and accounting.

This engineering job has too with reviewing projects, supervisory roles of business, staff supervision, and training. With this type of engineering job, you will have to lead teams of other engineers. The BLS reports that the median salary for architectural and engineering managers was $140,760 in 2018.



Are Civil Engineers in High Demand?

In California, the number of Civil Engineers is expected to grow slower than the average growth rate for all occupations. Jobs for Civil Engineers are expected to increase by 6.4 percent or 3,300 jobs between 2018 and 2028.


Who is the Most Famous Civil Engineer in History?

One of the most versatile civil engineers in history is Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who became famous for designing tunnels, railroad lines, bridges, and ships. His most well-known accomplishment was creating the network of tunnels, viaducts, and bridges for the Great Western Railway that linked London to Bristol


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