How much is an international passport in Nigeria?


International passport in Nigeria is very essential for students and basically everyone who wants to travel outside the country. However, the Nigerian government launched a new enhanced security Nigerian international passport with 10 years validity.

According to the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service, the latest passport introduced has enhanced features that will make it easier for security management. 

Moreover, the question “Prices, how much is an international passport in Nigeria and Nigerian passport renewal fee” is very common online. However, Below is the full cost of an international passport in Nigeria.

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How Much is the Cost of the International Passport?

Moreso, The cost of 32-page type can be for different categories of people, with different charges. The price listed is as follows:


  1. Minor: A day old, 17 years #12,500
  2. Adult: 18 years, 59 years #19,500
  3. Elderly: 60 years and above #12,500


Moreover, The official fee for 64 Pages is #24,500 for all categories of applicants.

However, Applicants can process the application form and do the payment online through the appropriate Nigeria Immigration Service porter.  


The Cost of Nigerian International Passport for those outside Nigeria

Amazingly, the price of international passports for Nigerians residing outside the country differs.

The price of 32 Pages are as follows:

  1. Minor: A day old, 17 years 77 dollars
  2. Adult: 18 years – 59 years 106 dollars
  3. Elderly:- 60 years and above 77 dollars 

64 Pages: The cost of 64 Pages is 137 dollars for all categories of applicants.


Key Tips to know When applying for Nigerian International Passport

Also, it is important to note that if you applied for Nigeria at any approved Nigeria mission abroad and it was not issued before you travel to Nigeria, you cannot obtain another in Nigeria. Moreso, the system will indicate double acquisition and your new payment forfeited. 

Furthermore, it’s advisable you attach the printout issued to you at the point of acquisition along with your other valid travel documents and present it at the point of entry/exit in the country.

Also, the printout is acceptable pending the issuance of your passport and the validity of a Standard Nigeria Passport is 5 years.


Finally, please note you cannot reissue your passport until 6 months before the expiration date or you used all the available pages. 


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