Job Application Technique: How to apply for the right job


As you walk, run or jump into the Labor market, you will discover(if you haven’t already) that not every job is for everyone. Therefore, paying attention and getting acquainted with these important details you’re about to be exposed to, will do you so much good in the area of job application.

how to apply for a job
Job Application

Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the teaming population do not take this vital step before they apply for jobs. Apart from the fact that the question, “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” pops up in many interviews, in job application, it is very critical to know what your strengths and weaknesses are even before applying for a job.

One way to discover that before applying is by doing a mini research on what the job entails; what internal and external attributes the job requires. Then compare your portfolio with the job description and determine if you fit into it.

Job Requirements And Your Qualifications

This is one really great way to determine what job is right for you. What does that job entail? Do I match the Job description? It’s always advisable to apply for jobs which require your qualifications.

I hear people say things like “Oh! I’ll apply for it anyways” even when they’re not qualified for the job and i think it’s funny (no offence) given that most now hiring” ads are usually very specific with their job description.

Don’t get me wrong, it works for very few people(most of which have certain advantages others don’t have) but all things being equal, you can’t survive at a job you know nothing about which is why you need to have the exact requirements of that job.

Learning on the job is possible but not in most cases. So why take chances? Apply for jobs that agree with your resume/CV and skill set.


You’ve probably heard people say, “Do what you’re passionate about” and guess what? They’re right! You know a job is right for you when you have passion for that line of work. Passion keeps you going at a job even when things surrounding it don’t seem well.

Miss Patterson Williams, a freelance writer and script editor says, “My love for vocabulary and human expression led me to choose a job in The Arts. I find myself in different forms with each passing day as i achieve great results in doing what i love the most”.

Passion should be highly considered before applying for a job. In fact, in job application, it should be the first to consider. Apply for jobs in your niche. This is key if you must get a “Yes” and/or maintain that job.

Google Job Search

Did you know that you could get updates on job vacancy in your niche or specialty. This is a tool that gives you a list of vacancies in the exact industry your strengths lie. It shows you vacancies in the exact position you’re looking for. What’s more? You even get notifications when these positions are vacant.

However, you need to make sure the job description aligns with your qualifications.

Google Job search in job application, makes sure you get alerts of companies that are hiring at a particular time; whether on part-time or full time basis.

It even makes it easy to get linked to company emails to speed up the process. You can also get updated with available jobs in various sectors here.

job vacancy search
Google Job Search for Job application

Keep Applying

A major determinant of employment at the right job is the effort made which is reflective in your job search. Even if you don’t get it the first, second or hundredth time, keep applying (or employ yourself).

If you want the job that matches your qualifications as well as your strengths, that isn’t affected by your weaknesses¬† you have to be ready for a couple of “Nos” so brace yourself! But don’t stop or give up. Keep applying till you get that Job. Trust me, this is coming from loads of experience.

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