How to Get a Job After Long Unemployment Period

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How to get a job after long unemployment period – One thing no one ever hopes for, that’s staying without being gainfully employed. 

Getting a job after a long term unemployment, might be quite difficult, but sure there is always a way out. For any reason why you left your last job, is of necessity to the employer because they are some employers, who will also ask about such;

What is Long Term Unemployment?

Long-term unemployment period is a state where an individual remains, for a long period of time without getting any paid job to do in order to earn a living.

Below, are some few tips that will serve as guideline as to how to get a job after a long term unemployment;

How to Get a Job After Long Unemployment Period;

  • Have a Good Cover Letter

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter or covering letter, is a letter of introduction attached to or accompanying another document such as a resume or curriculum vitae.

The cover letter is very important because it serves as a way of introducing yourself to potential employers and explaining your suitability for the desired positions. It is also important to note that employers, uses cover letter as a means of screening so on this basis, your cover letter should ;

·         Be specific and up to date.

·         Contain what happened including why you left your last job.

·         Include your skills, what you’ve done to stay relevant and keep your skills active.

·         Lastly your cover letter should show that you’re fully ready and available to work.

  •      Make Sure You’re Also Involved in Networking

Networking is very effective and one of the quickest way in getting a job. It’s more like a give and take process that involves making connections, sharing information, and asking questions.

It relates you to others who can provide referrals or insider information about the companies you might want to work in.

So it’s important you develop contacts; i.e family, friends, college-alumni, people in associations etc. Anyone who might help bring information and job leads.

Getting more contact or increasing your network also involves you going for as many networking events as you have time for. An email is also necessary.

  •   Apply for a Lot of Jobs

On the area you’ll need to gain employment, apply for as many as possible. This is because applying for one won’t be just enough and will give you a slim chance of employment.

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The higher the job applications, the higher the chances of gaining employment.

  • Develop Yourself and Acquire more skills

You must also have it at the back of your mind that every employer, will look forward to employing one with greater and better skills that could serve as great asset to the company.

Do everything you can to keep your skills current; during the period of unemployment. It could be taking a few courses, doing freelance work, volunteering or consulting.

You can give it a trial.

All these steps are few among many ways to go.

Make sure you start up with these few and then explore and broaden your horizon;

Your job is sitting out there waiting for you to go pick it up.

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