How to Recharge GOTV Using Mobile Phone 2021/2022 | Guide to GOTV Payment Options


How to Recharge GOTV Using Mobile Phone 2021 – Complete guide to recharge GOTV using your mobile phone.

Things have gotten a lot easier now, given that everything is just a click away from you all you need is just a phone and data.

To recharge GOTV online is quite easy and on this guide, we will be showing you how to do this with your mobile phone.

So if you want to know how to successfully recharge GOTV online with your mobile, then you are on the right page;


About GOTV?

GOTV is a multichoice entertainment network, that displays several service stations for entertainment, education and information.

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How to Recharge GOTV Using Mobile Phone

Take note of the followings tip to recharge GOTV online now;

  • You have to first and foremost get your IUC number, which is written at the bottom of your recorder. (It’s a 10 digit number usually written on a red label).
  • Log unto with your mobile phone
  • Then input your phone number, IUC number and select your package(GOTV Smallie, GoTV Jinga Bouquet, GoTV Jolli Bouquet, GoTV Max etc.)
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click on ‘Continue’
  • A confirmation pop up will appear then click on ‘Pay’

These are the few steps for you to successfully subscribe or recharge your GoTV through your mobile phone.

There are other ways to recharge through your bank. Although we might be writing another article to show you how to recharge GoTV with your bank, let’s just show you two banks from which you can do this.

How to Recharge Gotv Subscriptions through GTBank GoTV Payment Code

To do this, just follow these steps below;

  • Dial *737*37*AMOUNT*IUC NUMBER#
  • Then enter ‘SEND’

Make sure you confirm your GoTV IUC number and the amount before clicking on the send button. And if you encounter any issue, make sure to contact GTBank support.

How to Recharge GoTV Using First Bank GoTV Payment Code

To do this through your mobile phone, dial *894*AMOUNT*IUC NUMBER#. If you experience any issues while using the First Bank GoTV USSD code, contact First Bank customer care for support.

Final Note:

Am sure we all know how to recharge GoTV using our mobile phoneS. Do make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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