Top 10 Interview Questions Employers Ask and Best Answers to Reply


Top 10 Interview Questions and their Answers:

You’ve probably been to so many interviews in the past and haven’t had any success;

Possibly because of poor preparation or you were caught with an unguarded question during an interview.

Statistics have shown that 85% of job applicants who actually took intentional effort to review prospective interview questions, have greater changes of getting the job.

On the page are done questions that are most likely to be asked in an interview;

Remember that readiness and adequate preparation, gives a better chance of being accepted.

Tell me more about yourself

Tell Us About Yourself Question

It’s not really telling about your personal life. it just mean giving a brief cover of your career story.
You can start from where you have been and where you are currently looking at.

Example; For a non experienced ” I just graduated with a degree in agriculture 3 months ago and I choose that field because of the alarming rate of death as a result of hunger.

During my days in school, I and my team mates, were able to grow different crops which was given off to students in need with a very little am looking for an organization like yours in which through mechanized farming can boost the economy”

For an experienced person, you give details of where you have been, the promotions you have gotten and where you are looking up to.

Why are you job searching right now?

success in your job search

Be plain here! If it’s because you currently have no job at hand, state it. But if you do and looking for something much better, keep it positive.

Example; if you’re unemployed
I just got into the labour market and am in an active job search hoping to get one where I can continue on with my skills

Example; if you are currently employed and still job searching.
I have enjoyed and achieved a lot in my current job, however I have worked in this position for 3 years and I feel is necessary to take my skills to the next level. I found out you have a vacancy in, so and so position which happens to be the position am longing to get in

How Did You Know about the Open Position?

There are several answers to this question it could be;
– I found out in an online research
– A colleague of mine told me about it
-. I saw the advert in a news article

Example ; “ I found about the vacancy during one of my online research and it’s description, perfectly fits into what am looking for

What idea do you have about our company?

This is just to know if really you researched before applying for the job.

A sample example;
I discovered your company is amongst the top producers of beverages and as a company you’re actually involved in community development and have the interest of your employees at heart“.

Why do you want this job?

The employer really wants to see if you have a genuine reason for wanting their particular job and so your answer should contain;

– what you’re aiming at in your overall job search and something you noticed about their job that is a match for what you want.

Example; ” One thing am targeting at in my job search as an agricultural extentionist, is to relate more with rural dwellers. I think the job vacancy will help me achieve that.”

What will you say about your most recent job, what were you responsible for each day?

The answer to this question, should be your accomplishments and details of what you did,the things you have worked with, and results you’ve helped your company or group achieve.

Note; Your examples should be relevant to their needs to this effect, prepare by studying the job description and state the things that will be relevant for the particular job.

Example; ” One of the biggest areas i was responsible for, was training of rural dwellers involved in agriculture, giving them access to government subsidized seeds and fertilizers and it helped in increasing involvement in agriculture and agricultural related works and I saw on the job description that you need similar job so it’s something i can help with this role

What are your salary expectations?

Giving an exact amount might scare them if it’s too high and also if it’s low, it might affect your negotiation power.

The best answer will be to tell them you don’t have a number in mind yet.

Example; ” I don’t have any number in mind . My focus is to find a position that suits my skills and career. I’ll take any amount you feel is good enough for my services“.

What makes you think you’ll succeed in this position?

When answering this, show your confidence, explain exactly how you’ll be of help to them and give your previous experiences if you have.

What drives you?

Every individual, had something that drives or motivates him daily. You must be motivated to go to work daily.

The best way to answer this is to mention something other than money to please your interviewer.

Example; ” looking forward to my dream coming true, gives me this drive to work harder in other to be excellent in my career“.

How would you describe yourself?

At this point, ur reply should be professional, talk more on your personality and attributes as an employee.

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