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There is a huge stagnation in high school students who drop out of HIGH SCHOOL which can really affect the life of the student.

For these reasons, we have come out with the idea of ( Jobs for High School Dropouts). Below are some jobs that high school dropouts can do and earn a living themselves.

Here are some good job opportunities for people without a high school diploma.

1. Construction Manager

The construction Manager may not be seen as your dream job but you can earn a standard living by just working as a construction Manage, With an average payment of 1.5 million in your lifetime. Average base pay: $83,353 per year Salary range: $53,000 – $131,000 per year Often referred to as project managers or general contractors,  You’ll probably want to take a few leadership courses as you make your way up the ranks, to accelerate your promotion prospects.

2. Mechanic

There are more than 100 million cars on the highway every day and surely they must need repair, As an automotive service technician or mechanic, you can earn a median salary of nearly $38k per year.  However, people who haven’t completed high school typically start out as technicians’ helpers or trainees and are able to learn while on the job.

3. Office Manager

As an office manager, you will be in charge of running the office’s day-to-day activities, This is one of the highest-paid non-diploma jobs out there.  but it’s a good living with estimated lifetime earnings of nearly $1.4 million.

4.  Food Service Manager

As a Food Service Manager, you don’t need a diploma or a university certificate to work as a food service manager, with an average base pay: of $48,849 per year and a Salary range: of $34,000 – $69,000 per year When we think of food service managers, we most often think of restaurants. you can apply for this job and never regret it.

5. Electrician

Electrician are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in homes, businesses, and factories. If you can cultivate this marketable skill through work experience or vocational school, you can make an estimated $1.4 million lifetime as an electrician. They read blueprints and diagrams, and identify and remediate electrical problems.

6. Home Health Aide

This is not an easy job and the median annual pay is relatively low (just under $22k per year). you will be in charge of monitoring and caring for people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, cognitive impairments, and health issues related to aging. home health aides to complete specific training and pass a background check and competency exam to earn a license or certification.

7. Machinist

With an average base pay: of $45,526 per year Salary range: of $32,000 – $65,000 per year, Most machinists have not attended a four-year college, though a bit of extra boning up at a vocational school would stand you in good stead to advance in this career path. Though some learn through apprenticeship programs, or at vocational schools.


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Top 7 Jobs for High School Dropouts 2022

Jobs for High School Dropouts
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