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St. Mary Dedication British International High and Montessori Schools was founded in 1996 by Dr (Mrs) Marian Egbe Asakome. Mariana. And it’s an institution known for its academic excellence and morally upright students.

Chemistry Teacher Job Surmmary

JOB TITLE: Chemistry Teacher

JOB LOCATION: Oka – Benin City, Edo

JOB TYPE: Full-Time

Chemistry Teacher Job Details

  • We are looking for a teacher who is passionate and well versed in Chemistry and can break down the complexities of Chemistry in the simplest ways. A successful candidate would typically have an innovative mind and proficiency in Microsoft office.

Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare and deliver lectures to students on topics such as organic chemistry, stoichiometry, structure and properties of matter, atomic structure, thermodynamics, general chemistry, and nuclear chemistry.
  • Supervise students’ laboratory work and educating students on lab safety.
  • Maintain student attendance records, grades, and other required records.
  • Prepare course materials and homework assignments.
  • Facilitate student learning and understanding of chemistry through guided inquiry, direct instruction, investigations, problem-solving, and discussion.
  • Responsible for class preparation, classroom management, as well as developing and grading assessments, and meeting with students and parents outside class.
  • Teaching students the scientific method, including observations, hypothesis, data collection, experiment, theory and predictions.
  • To facilitate and encourage a learning experience which provides students with the opportunity to achieve their individual potential.
  • Presenting innovative school projects in the course area.
  • Contribution to the curriculum area and development of the proper implementation of course material.
  • To assist in the development of appropriate syllabus, resources, schemes of work, making policies, and teaching strategies in the curriculum.
  • To take part in the school’s staff development program’s
  • Taking part as may be required in the review, development, management, of activities related to the curriculum, organization and pastoral functions of the school.
  • To review from time to time methods of teaching and programs of work.
  • To assess, record and report on the attendance, progress, development and attainment of students to parents and the principal, and to keep such record as required.
  • To prepare students for external examinations and competitions.
  • To maintain discipline in accordance with the school’s policy and procedures.
  • To play a full part in the community of the school.
  • To continue personal development as agreed.

Job Requirement

  • B.Sc in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry or a related discipline.
  • Relevant teaching certification is required.
  • Familiarity with different types of teaching styles.
  • Previous experience with teaching is advantageous.
  • Patience, innovation in the field, knowledge of classroom management and student discipline,
  • Strong multitasking abilities.


  • Competitive salary
  • Pension plan


Not Specified.

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