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Kuda bank Branches in Nigeria – If you are searching or seeking the Kuda Bank branches in Nigeria then you are in the right place, In this article is all you need to know about the branches of kuda banks in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, we have a lot of mobile banking services that are very much available for all of us to use. Every day many of us use these services.

Kuda bank is actually not a bank but a mobile banking system. Sometimes the majority of us do have a lot of od issues with the banking services.

Due to some of these issues many people or customers will want to know about the Kuda bank branches in Nigeria to go and solve some of these issues.

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Kuda Bank Office In Lagos

Well, I will say that Lagos state is one of the biggest or largest states in Nigeria with a lot of businesses going on there. there are lots of things you can find in Lagos and trust me Kuda Bank is one of them.

Lagos is a big city and is also known as the country’s money capital. The majority of companies that are growing big right now started in Lagos state.

With Kuda Bank knowing this information has also established itself in the city of Lagos and is also growing day by day and making a lot of progress as the day goes by understanding the Nature Nigeria economy.

Now Kuda Bank bank has made a lot of progress in Lagos state and has opened a lot of branches across Nigeria apart from Lagos State but Kuda Bank in Lagos has been said to still be the best among all branches. So if you are based in Lagos you also have access to enjoying the services Kuda Bank brings al you have to do is just locate the branch.

The kUDA bank office is located at Moore House at 15 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba. Well this is also the Kuda Bank Head Quarters

Kuda Bank Office In Abuja

Abuja is also a very big city, it happens to be the Federal Capital Territory(FCT) Of Nigeria. Many activities are also carried out in Abuja such as businesses, industries, etc.

Abuja is a very busy city therefore Many businessmen do go there to establish many businesses and Kuda Bank also establish a branch office there.

This happens to mean that the Kuda bank branch is also located there since many businesses are carryout there making it a busy place.

They can improve their banking system as the Kuda Bank Office is available there. So those who are actually looking for the branch will locate it easily

Kuda Bank Office In Ikeja

Ikeja is also a very populated city and a lot of activities plus businesses are also carried out there making it good to have a branch there.

Well. many companies and agencies have successfully opened or established an office in Ikeja. Well unfortunately this city the Kuda Bank doesn’t have an address there.

All those people who have been looking for a Kuda bank office in Ikeja should definitely stop looking cause they won’t find any there.

But in the future, Kuda Bank hopes to establish an office in Ikeja and many other branches in different parts of Nigeria.

Also, you can download the Kuda Bank App to carry out some of the services. Kuda Bank is the first bank to operate only within an App.


Other Kuda Bank Office In Nigeria

Apart from the mentioned Kuda Bank office, Kuda Bank also has different offices located in Nigeria but not in every city though.

Well, Kuda Bank in the future has plans in establishing many other branches so that all customers can easily access the bank.

Also if you have any problems with the Kuda Bank App, you will be able to easily resolve them by visiting the Kuda Bank office to rectify them.

So as for now, we all are to use the Kuda Bank App for easy banking service, and also if you have any problem you can contact the customer care details.

The kuda Bank customer services are very much active so they will be willing to assist in or solve any problem you are having with the bank.

Is Kuda Bank registered with CBN?

Kuda is a full-service digital microfinance bank that is duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”). Our registered office is at 151 Herbert Macaulay Rd, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

How can I get in touch with Kuda Bank?

You can send an email to help@kudabank.com, but the easiest way to reach us is to tap More on the Kuda app and then tap Chat With Us.


Hope after reading this article, it was able to solve your issues?

Let us know your challenges so we can proffer solutions to them as soon as we can.


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