10 Questions to Ask Before Taking Up That New Job Offer


10 Questions to Ask Before Taking Up That New Job Offer

Finally you’ve gotten everything right by submitting your resume, going for the interview and you’ve been offered the job; So what’s next?

Last year a friend of mine has a new job offer, where he was gonna be paid higher salary but then he had so many things he needed to look at before taking that job offer.

After he looked at the many things, he rejected the job offer and the following year he was promoted and had better working conditions.

Question is was it important? Let’s find out;

Are you gonna just accept the Job offer?

I know you’ve been on the long search and there’s also this long-search-syndrome that will make you to want to accept just immediately, but this should not be the case.

Before you go ahead and accept that job, there are very important things you need to also consider so you don’t make a mistake and all.

Thus in this article and on this page, i’ll walk you through key questions you need to ask your employer before jumping into the job offer;

We will look at things like;

  • Key questions o ask you employer before accepting the job offer.
  • Important questions you need to ask yourself before accepting the job.
  • Mistakes to Avoid and lots more!

Shall We;

Key Questions to Ask Your Employer Before Accepting the Job Offer

What are Your DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY Schedule Like?

This is a very Important question to ask you employer before you take up that job offer; What are your working schedule like? Are you to work from Monday to Friday? Are you to also work weekends? Will your working hours change or thy remain constant? Are you to also work during public holidays?

Getting your head round thisĀ  is very key before accepting your dream job offer; that is to say how is your going to be utilized?

After knowing your schedule then you look at your life routing and ascertain if the job description really fits in.

Can the Salary be Negotiated?

You might be shocked at this question and probably wondering how do you ask salary questions before accepting jobs?

I get that a lot but trust me this is very important too. See you can start off like this; Sir, Is there any flexibility with salary in your company?

I get that their goal is to start in business by making higher profits and cutting in costs but if you prove to be worthwhile then they’ll have no choice;

Never forget that the reason for asking this question is so you don’t be paid less than is due to you base on your potentials.

Do You Offer a Retirement Plan?

Don’t think this ain’t a relevant question now because you’re just starting off. Make sure to inquire on if there is a retirement program, fees(if any) and how it is done. Also check for any investment option in the company to be sure.

What Medical Coverage Do You Cover and When Does it Starts?

How does the company ensure for your health? To what extent can they cover for your medical costs if you happen to get sick or if you or maybe a family member needs a pair of glasses.

While this may not look to important, it’s always pay off to know the extent of your compensation plan.

Make sure to also check when the medical program commences too.

How will My Success in the Role be Measure?

Knowing how your performance will be measured is very important too as this will heal you know if the company’s expectations are feasible or realistic.

Is the performance based on a matrix system? Do they evaluate base on key performance indicators? What and what are the criteria to determine promotion?

If you really what to progress in this new job, you’ll need to get a grasp of what is expected of you to advance.

Importance Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a New Job Offer

What Do Current and Past Employees Say About the Company?

What is life as an employee like in the company? There is no other way of understanding this better than getting in touch with people who have experiences with the company.

Know about their shortcomings, their payment culture and others by reading the company reviews; this way you will get a good mental picture of the company and weather you want to work there or not.

I should also state here that hateful comments people make against the company may not entirely be true except there is a consistency in like comments.

What are the Things I Can’t Negotiate?

What are the limits to the compensation plan you’re willing to take? Do you need a job with flexible working environments? Make sure to make a list of this things you can’t negotiate and ask them and also to not take the offer if they are not forth coming.

Am I Comfortable With the Compensation Pack?

Take a good look at the compensation plan, do you think you deserve more? Are there better opportunities else where? Perhaps you feel you’re worth more?

Make a constructive argument as to why they should reconsider because communication is very important.

Will this Role Help Me Achieve My Long-Term Goals?

Ask Yourself; Where do i see myself in say 5 years? this is something you should already have the answer to in your head and if the visions and expectations of the company won’t let you achieve it then reconsider immediately.

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    • Thanks. Changing jobs most times isn’t just about the new big company, but is about putting yourself first and asking some tactical questions, so you don’t make the wrong decisions.

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