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Check Nigerian Navy Past Questions & Answers 2020/2021 Updated for Candidates – Free Download the complete Nigerian navy past questions & answers PDF for Navy computer-based test(CBT) Aptitude Screening Exercise 2020.

If you are reading this then that means you’re on my page and trust me you are among the lucky few to get this updated Nigerian Navy past questions pdf file for Navy shortlisted candidates 2020.

And if you’ve applied for this Navy recruitment then this Navy CBT screening aptitude test questions and answers will help you succeed in the forthcoming navy DSSC screening test.

We understand how curious you must be to hear about this latest update on the navy officers recruitment and the updated navy exam questions and answers are finally here.

Nigerian navy CBT screening questions updated PDF file is finally here and on this page, we will show you steps on how to download past questions for the Nigerian navy aptitude test.

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Free Download Nigerian Navy Past Questions And Answers PDF 2020

On this Nigerian Navy DSSC past questions and answers pdf, you will get series of previous Nigerian navy interview questions that could give you an edge towards what will be set this coming Navy aptitude screening test that is to commence soon.

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 How to Download Nigerian Navy Past Questions & Answers for Candidates 2020

There are some steps you need to follow when you want to download this navy past questions and answers PDF.

Free Nigerian Navy Past Questions And Answers Samples 2020

Time Allowed: 1 Hour
This paper has 100 multiple choice questions and each question has 5 possible answers A, B, C, D, or E
each question carefully and choose the correct answer from alternatives A to E.
1. Express 2√3 as the square root of a single number.
A. √4 B. √5 C. √6 D. √12 E. √92. Numbers That cannot be written as ratios are called irrational numbers. Which is an irrational number
A. 2.5 B. 7 C. 0.4 D. 2√7 E. √4
3. A right-angle triangle has sides of length √10 cm and √6 cm What is the length of the hypotenuse
A. √14 cm B. √16 cm C. √60 cm D. 4cm E. 16cm
4. A right-angle triangle has sides a and b as well the hypotenuse side h, which of these is not correct
A. h2 = a2 + h2 B. h2 = a2/ h2 C. a2 = h2 – b2 D. b2 = h2 – a2 E. his the longest side

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