Nigerian Navy Ranks 2021 | Navy Ranking From Lowest to Highest

nigerian navy ranks

Nigerian Navy Ranks 2021 – Do you want to know the ranks of the Nigerian Navy? Then you are on the right page, as we will show you Nigerian Navy Ranks from Lowest to Highest.

This is a detailed summary of the Nigerian Navy ranks and a bit other details that w might include but be rest assured that your queries will be answered here;

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navy ranks

We will be diving our list of Nigerian Navy ranking officers into the commissioned and non-commission officers;

Nigerian Navy Ranks for Commissioned Officers

This ranking of navy officers will be ranked in descending order;

12. Mid-Shipman

11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant

10. Sub-Lieutenant

9. Lieutenant

8. Lieutenant Commander

7. Commander

6. Captain

5. Commodore

4. Rear Admiral

3. Vice Admiral

2. Admiral

1. Admiral of Fleets 

Nigerian Navy Ranks for Non-Commissioned Officers

7. Trainee

6. Ordinary Rating

5. Able Rating

4. Leading Rating

3. Petty Officer

2. Chief Petty Officer

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer

CLICK HERE to read more on the functions of these ranks

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