Not getting Promoted at work? Here’s why


It is very disheartening that after much effort has been put into a job, there’s no incurring benefit on your part for your sacrifices.

In other words, you’re not getting promoted at work despite the energy you pump in as well as the results achieved. You might be wondering why you’re not getting that promotion.

Well, here’s six (6) reasons why;Not getting Promoted

You Haven’t Earned It

This is the major reason why most people do not get promoted at work. Attitude to work is a really important factor that decides by a large extent, whether or not you get a promotion.

According to, a report by Forbes revealed that many young workers aged 18-23 years believe that they should get promoted within the first year of employment and while that expectation is possible, it takes a lot more than time to get promoted.

Promotion comes to those who have earned it by their input and result achievements. Besides, a company or organisation needs to know how committed a staff is before giving them an upgrade in their status at work to see if they can handle it.

Therefore, you need to earn that promotion before it’s given to you; find out what you could do to effect a lasting positive change at that job. Be irreplaceable.

You Haven’t Applied (Public Service)

This is most common with public or civil servants but it depends on the mode of operations at your organisation. Some work places require that you write certain exams and/or apply while others promote based on personal contributions to the organisation.

Applying for a promotion can either be active or passive. Passive in the sense that in the event that the promotion process is based on merit, you apply by earning it as said earlier.

Active application involves you literally picking up that pen and paper or punching those letters on your PC keyboard to draft an official application letter to stand a chance for promotion.

So, what are you waiting for? Start applying already!

You’re Lackadaisical About It

Some people don’t even care much about it but it’s baffling that such people still expect a promotion at work!

Getting promoted at work is an intentional act; it doesn’t just happen out of the blue! People work towards it and if you fall into the category of workers who couldn’t care less about the process of getting promoted, you need to sit up friend!

Be intentional about the promotion process of the organisation you work for and start getting involved!

You Don’t Take Credit For Your Work

Now how would they know that you deserve that promotion if you don’t show them?

Learn to take credit for your efforts and your sacrifices. I know you’d want to be modest but hey! When it comes to work, you have to drop that modesty at the entrance of your work place or better still at home. Yep! Don’t let it follow you out the door. LOL!

Miss Tricia Bennett, a team member on a top secret project at Fuli enterprises says, “My team leader, Mr Gary, was so up in his ego that he took credit for everything at the initial stage of the project. When I discovered this, i put my foot down and refused to let him get all the credit since i made my own share of effort. I got promoted afterwards”

There’s nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet especially when you know it could lead to an upgrade in your official status at work. Don’t hold yourself down. Take credit for your own achievements. However, do that without dragging anyone down.

Stop hiding and take credit
Stop hiding and take credit

You’re a Professional Threat to Your Boss(es)

This is a harsh truth but it could be a reason why that promotion is not coming forth despite all your efforts. You’re probably wondering how and why. The simple answer is they know your capacity and it’s probably greater than theirs. Therefore, no promotion.

This happens most times when office politics exists; totally unprofessional.  It’s hard and can be very challenging when your boss or your boss’s boss has a certain dislike for you.

You need to change that without compromising your work ethics and standards. In other words, you need to find out the actual problem and get into their good graces. At this point, you need to tread with caution especially if there’s some history between you both.

If you don’t get any luck with that, it may be a reason you need to quit that job.

You’re Too Good At Your Job

I know it seems weird but it is true that you may not be getting that promotion because you are too good at your present position. Too good in the sense that nobody does it better than you so they need you where you are. 

Now this may be quite selfish on the company’s part but they do what they think is best for the company.

If you find this out to be the reason for your stagnancy at work and you are not comfortable with it, It may be a sign you need to quit.


These are the major reasons why you’re not getting promoted at work and you can either work on them or let sleeping dogs lie but you need to attain those heights in your career and make the best out of it. I hope you do or at least try. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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