Npower Redeployment Batch C 2021 Process | See Full Updated Guidelines


Npower Redeployment Batch C 2021 Process – Here is the complete Npower Redeployment Guide for Npower Batch C Candidates.

Follow these steps and see how to make favourable changes to your Npower Deployment status to your desired Npower PPA.

On this page, you’ll get to know everything you need to know about Npower Redeployment for candidates, and questions like the ones listed below will no longer be a challenge.

Some Npower Redeployment Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How do I check Npower Deployment status?
  • How do I log in to my Npower portal?
  • Help to access my Npower portal account?
  • How do I check my Npower account status?
  • Do I have to pay for Npower Redeployment?

Some of what we listed above are some very common queries our visitors keep asking.  Truly you’ll agree with me that some of these queries are not written correctly, but we will show you how to get it done the right way and get the desired results.

Every Npower applicant creates a login portal for Npower recruitment, of which you’re asked to input login details for Npower, and here are the steps to know how these terms work.

Npower Latest Information

This information just came in today and it is with respect to those that have been deployed by the Npower deployment board.

The latest Npower redeployment information is that candidates who have desired PPA for npower can successfully redeploy to their desired Npower place of primary assignment.


NOTE: The official website to check your Npower profile and also know your Npower status is

Meanwhile, if you’ve not registered as a Npower recruit(applicant), here is a link for you to do so now NPOWER REGISTRATION PORTAL.

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How Can I Check Npower Batch C Deployment?

  • Click Here to login candidates portal
  • Input your login details which are your email and password/create an account.

N/B: we will reply to all your questions.

Npower Redeployment Process For Npower Batch C

Here are the complete steps for you to successfully do the Npower redeployment. Make sure you follow every process to successfully redeployment Npower PPA;

  1. Kindly Visit the Npower Official Portal or copy this link            and input a browser.
  2. Input your login details to successfully log in to the Npower portal.
  3. Click on the ‘Deployment’ to see your Npower deployment PPA
  4. You should see your Npower PPA Letter; Download It.
  5. After Download, kindly take the PPA letter to your PPA and make a request to your supervisor to reject the letter; Make sure to have strong and convincing reasons, if you know what I mean.
  6. Once you successfully get a rejection, take your PPA letter to your desired place of primary assignment and have them sign an acceptance on the letter.
  7. Once this is done, you will now log in to your Npower candidates dashboard and upload both the rejection letter and Npower acceptance letter.
  8. After you have done this, you will be redeployed.
  9. Ensure to continue checking your dashboard as redeployment doesn’t take long.

Please Note: Make sure to have a PPA before you get your PPA rejection letter and also make sure to upload your rejection letter online.

How Long Does Npower Redeployment Take?

Npower Redeployment takes approximately 36 -72 hours to be out; Make sure you continue checking your Npower redeployment status on your dashboard.

And also, you are expected to have the following; Npower ID, Full name, state of deployment, LGA of your PPA, PPA letter, and Email.

Why Is The Npower Portal Giving Me An Error Message?

Please we try to advise our visitors that due to the number of persons visiting the Npower portal which is Nasims, they could be encountering some sought of network difficulty and as such, I advise my subscribers to always try accessing the website at midnight or early hours of the morning; say by 4 am-7 am.

How Much is Npower Redeployment?

This Npower redeployment is totally free of charge. Please disregard anyone asking you to pay for it. Thank you

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