nyif.nmfb.com.ng Portal 2021 | Apply For Youth Investment Fund – Federal Government Loan/Grant


nyif.nmfb.com.ng registration 2021 portal  – The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund registration guide 2021.

Below is the correct portal for youths who want to benefit from this federal government youth investment fund.

According to the NYIF website registration has commenced and candidates who are interested in this NOYA grant can now register for the Nigerian youth investment fund online.

We assure you that after this post you won’t have to worry about Nigerian youth investment fund frequently asked questions like;

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nyif.nmfb.com.ng Portal Right For Application

  • How do I register for NYIF?
  • What are the NYIF requirements for registration?
  • Has NYIF registration started for 2021?
  • When will NYIF 2021 registration begin?
  • What is the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund portal?
  • How much is the NYIF registration fee?

Important NYIF Online Registration Requirements 2021/2022

Before proceeding with this NYIF beneficiary enrollment and registration, check out some of the Nigerian youth investment fund requirements for registration;

  • Get a fully functional email address for registration
  • PCMs must also fill the NYIF registration form, scan, and upload.
  • Interested NYIF beneficiaries must between the ages of 18-35 years.
  • Candidates must also have a functional Nigerian bank.

How Can I Apply For NYIF Government Fund Now?

NYIF Application Portal

CLICK HERE TO START REGISTRATION  or copy https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/ into your browser now!

Has NYIF Registration Commenced?


Interested applicants can apply through the NYIF portal now.

According to NYIF latest news registration of new beneficiaries has commenced and registration is ongoing now.

Shortlisted Candidates Can Click Here 


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  1. Hello, i have gotten an sms from nyif i have input my bvn and created password, and i was told it has been registered successful, but no mail was sent to my email as stated after the successful registeration, what should i do?

  2. Pls Admin sir, after I have created both password , I was told that their will be msg sent to my mail box but I’ve not seen any link as it was said .

          • Good morning, I received an email 4 days again with a link I am to click on to verify my email. Since then I have been trying to do so to no avail. All I keep seeing is http500.30 error, trouble shooting. Is there something I’m supposed to do that I haven’t done

          • Good afternoon sir, I have finished everything but up to now I do not receive my Gmail for training

        • I got a msg from NMfb that I was approved of the loan and that I should click a link related to covid19 and my loan will be sent to my account but the phone I used to apply was stolen and the one I was using couldn’t perform the operation. I was also warned to be ware of frausdters because they attached would never go thru. I’m I suppose to reapply?t

          • Hello Joy,
            Your question isn’t quite clear. But I believe each shortlisted candidates will get an email with a unique link where in it they’ll see the day for their training and time. Only after the training will you be able to get the loan

  3. Hello good evening, pls I received an email since on the 8th of march to verify my email. But I’m not able to do that. First each time I try to verify it’s says http500.30 error or trouble shooting. But 3 days ago it started saying message verification failed. What should I do thanks.

  4. Good morning sir, when I login to input my business details, it will write message, no connection. the site is not opening now

    • I have received more than 50 messages in my mailbox on nyif verification link but when I log in, it shows verification failed

  5. I have gone through all faces and about 4 different circle was send or got opened each with inforation but could not open the one with a writing letter from them

  6. I have received verification link in my mail account but when I clicked on the link it displayed “verification field”, please how would I do?

      • Hello Admin, registering Nyif have been smooth for me thanks for the good work,I have answered the necessary questions,put in business name and amount,I was told successful that the amount is still in progress yet to be approved,but I don’t know how to check if my name is shortlisted for training,but so far I say well done for the good work am impressed

  7. Hello good day sir/ma. Pls I after receiving like 50 messages on email verification link and when I tried verifying it failed. I was sent another means of verification that if I’m the one I should press yes I confirm which I did. After a while I received 20 messages of email already registered I don’t understand so I have to do anything and how do I know if I’m up for training bcos till date I still can’t login to my account it’s always saying incorrect password when I know it’s d correct one. Pls is there a solution or i should wait thanks.

  8. Hello my own case is different everyone I sent registration link to received the SMS but me I didn’t get the SMS or Email. What should I do I mean everyone

  9. Hello Admin.
    Have verified my email but have not seen training invitation mail, please how can I know the training date

  10. Hello sir, I have done all the necessary steps you to apply the nyif and the loan have not been approved what could have to be the problem, sir, please sir help to be out this distress and poverty I want to develop my business status an feed, my four children

  11. Good evening, I am at the stage where I see loan application in progress. Is there a problem because I don’t understand anything and how do I partake in the training. Thanks sorry for always troubling u.

  12. Good morning admin, I have issue on how login and I don’t know the reason bcos after all the registration then I tried to login was incorrect email and password I used forgetting password it no work but it recognized my email sir pls help

  13. Sir, I will not recieved the approval message since march 24 of to now I am waiting for the approval message and training invate. Thank you god bless our learder.

  14. I really don’t know what’s happening, I received the requalification msg, done the creating of account. I tried the verification process but was told my mail is already registered and since then no msg yet about being qualified for the loan.

    I’ve tried to check my dashboard but my status is saying *loan in process* what do I do please

  15. Good Eveninig Admin, after gone through all the process required for the loan, up till now i have not recieve any message for the online training, is they any hope?

  16. Please I can’t find my link to my dashboard, but I was acknowledge that I am eligible please drop me the link. Thanks.

  17. Comment:i have receiving message in my inbox you said that you approve so which time you starting training and payment so that the time have come to go back to the farmer

  18. Pls Admin I completed my application but the TCF Code I screen shot didn’t save due to space is there any way out for me to retrieve the code?

  19. Admin I av completed my registration successfully but anytime I tried to login my BVN on the portal the reply I got is bvn not found/match.Biko what’s the issue all about?

  20. i was sent a pre-qualify massage, did all that i was ask to do, but up till now i have not gotten any new from them

  21. Please admin, I have not received any message but each time I log in my BVN to check if I’ve been approved for the loan they will tell me registration successful and a confirmation pin has been sent to your email, but I won’t see it when I open the mail. What should I do? Please help, thanks.

  22. I logged in yesterday, I checked the dashboard and found that my own has not been approved, how do I go about it, and again when I clicked on continue to apply I don’t know when I clicked registered business instead of non registered business, I don’t know how to go back again to select non registered business bcos my business isn’t registered.

  23. I got the message but each time I tried to validate BVN the portal displaced ” you have not been trained”. What is the way out sir

  24. Good evening Admin, please Sir I have done everything since march, but still my own have not be approve , i have not received any message or training date, what should I do sir.

  25. Hello admin good evening you are indeed doing a great job here I must commend. My loan has being approved and have not received alert but each time I login all I see is in process. Does that mean I must undergo an online training before it’s approve and disbursed.

  26. Good evening admin I have register since and I check my dash bord every day all I always see is that my loan has not been approved and I don’t see where to write to admin what should I do??

  27. For my nyif i recieve pre qualfied massage i done it succeful, but still now am no recieve massage to my email please admin help me god bless u

  28. I have put my bvn, creating new peword and it successful, and the say i will receive a massage true Emil to now i didn’t see any massage

  29. Good evening Admin, please am still seeing the same thing since march till date, Sorry your Loan Has Not been Approved. Please Check back Later.
    What should I do Sir.

  30. Pls have pass all d stages I was ask to go for training till now nothing no messages no mail and I don’t know how to check for d loan or wat to do

  31. Good morning Admin, it is three months now that I have completed my registration, and I have not still seen any thing. What next should I do.

  32. Good evening sir, ma, i login to my nyif account and they ask me to (view offer letter) and they said my loan has been not approved i should check back later, pls what can i do?

  33. I submitted my account details last two months since then I haven’t heard anything date for training no disbursement and it still showing waiting for review and approval.

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