NYSC Monthly Clearance | How Can I Do My NYSC Monthly Clearance?

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NYSC Monthly Clearance – Here is the complete guide on the NYSC Monthly Clearance for all NYSC members who are currently serving and would wish to do the CDS clearance that is done every month.

This is a very very important duty for every corp member, who wishes to receive his/her monthly allowee. For a corp member to qualify for the NYSC monthly stipend, the corper must do the NYSC monthly clearance.

Another reason why this is done, is to take a count of corp mmbers who have absconded and those who are still in active service and so this is compulsory.

Many of our subscribers have had answers to some of their queries like;

  • How many days is the NYSC clearance?
  • Also, how is NYSC final clerance done?
  • How does my NYSC posting work?

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How Many Days is NYSC Monthly Clearance?

The clearance is fixed for 10 days. It begins from the first day of the month until the 10th day of that month. Excluding weekends and public holidays, the schedule will be uploaded to your dashboard.

There may be a disruption of the clearance schedule when LI goes to the NYSC orientation camp programme for a new batch.

How to do your NYSC Monthly Clearance with PPA Letter

NYSC Manual Clearance

1. Before the day of your clearance, contact your place of primary assignment (PPA) to get a clearance letter. The process is always different for different PPA. Some may require your unit head to sign before the Head of Department (HOD).

2. The clearance letter must be with the letterhead of the company in coloured form. The information that is needed for the clearance letter is your name, state code, and batch.

3. Make sure the month should be the present month. If you are doing monthly clearance for November, the month on the clearance letter should be November.

NYSC Monthly Clearance Procedures

  • Go to the LI office the day you are expected to do your monthly clearance. In the morning, those working in the LI office would have brought out all the files of that group. The files are those you submitted when documenting.
  • Locate your file. You can make a copy of you want.
  • Make a perforated hole in the clearance letter.
  • Place the clearance letter at the back of the file.
  • Go to the LI with the file.At the LI office, join the queue.
  • When it is your turn, show your national youth service corps (NYSC) identity card. Give the LI the file.
  • After cross examination, the LI will sign at the front of the file. Write down your name and state code.
  • Take the file and return it to your CDS group. Then, you are good to go.

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Go to the LI with your clearance letter. Locate your file among the rest. Perforated a hole on it. Add it to the back of your file. Submit it to the LI. After cross-examination, you will be required to thumbprint. The thumbprint should bring out your details. You can return the file to your CDS group. That’s all and you are good to go.

Final Note: Always check your dashboard local government clearance. Make sure the month clearance change from absent to present before the end of the day. If it did not change, go back to your LI the next day and lay a complaint.

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