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Online 2D Animation Courses – seeing a movie over the years, with family friends or loved ones has like nowadays always been something to look forward to. Or ever seen an empty cinema before?

Well that’s because whether at a cinema, home or abroad entertainment is a part of life we can’t do without, hence its increasing demand, especially mass media animation entertainment.

So if you are looking for a skill to learn that would not only put you in high demand but employed before you can say ‘’jack-Robinson’’, I suggest you take into ANIMATION which according to LinkedIn is one of the 25 highest most wanted technical skills, and wala!!! I have got just the idea online animation courses you would be glad to have attended.


  1. 2D animation in Moho by 2D animation 101 courses

They offer:

  • Introduction to Moho
  • How create and edit a character in Moho
  • Pre-character animation
  • Animating a character

With a tuition fee of $49.99 (refundable)

Schedules for this course include 4 sections, 24 lectures and 4hrs total length. While every intending candidate must have a Basic Computer usage and downloading skills to flow with the beat.

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2. Secondly, TONY WHITE 

Mastering 2D animation, offers Necessary skills for traditional and digital 2D animation with a 30-day refundable fee of $39.99.

This course contains 4hrs total length, 31 lectures and a Full life time access online.

Dermot 0’ Conners, Learning 2D animation principles, is another course you can try out, with amazing topics like:

  • Designing
  • Layout, story board and staging.
  • Technical issues
  • Animated physics
  • Settling, overshooting and anticipating
  • Dragging , overlapping and follow- through
  • Animating, acting and thumbnails.
  • Walks and runs.

All this goes for a fee of ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL and N 11,699.00($29.99). And once again students must have Basic Computer usage skills to enroll.

Among others, is the Animation mentor-2D animation course for beginners. A fee of $899 (tuition) and $100 (registration fees) gives its student an edge in:

  • Turning heads
  • Weight mechanism
  • Physical animation
  • Head rotation
  • And the Basics of 2D animation

In just 6-weeks.

Necessary requirements and tools for this course include; an Average Computer usage skills and Animation software (ToonBooms harmony or rough animator) Digital tablet for painting (Clintip, Wacom, etc.) respectively.

3. Shane Whelan

Hw also has his online Creating a 2D animated character, 4 hours course for a varied fee of $29 (monthly), $299 (annually) and $449 (premium).

Topics like Introduction and Overview of projects, Character education, 2D character creation for unity etc., are taught in this course. Also, one must have a Photoshop CC 2015, Unity 5, and Spriter to flow.

2D animation essentials online animation course offers its students expository knowledge in:

  • Basics of animation
  • Principles of movement
  • Overlapping
  • Practical
  • Choreography
  • Straight head animation

Requiring from the students 8-10 hrs. of lecture per week and an already established knowledge in animation software and drawing of characters.

Fees: $749


Last, but just on our list today, is the JEFF MUMM’s-THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS ENTRY animation course. Some of the key topics to be looked out for here include:

  • Video animation including (Basics of animation
  • Principles of movement
  • Overlapping
  • Practical
  • Choreography
  • Straight head animation)
  • Simple but amazing animation finishing.

For a $49.99(REFUNDABLE) fee. The course involves a, 1 HOUR TOTAL LENGTH, 14 LECTURES and 10 OFFLINE (downloadable) RESOURES.

DRAWING SOFTWARE LIKE GIMP, PHOTOSHOP, and common drawing materials like pencil and paper alongside a light box are the tools needed for this course.

In conclusion, wherever you are and no matter your area of aspiration (science, education, arts or commerce), animation remain universally relevant.

So wala!!! You go ahead and make your choice while I wait to see your cartoons about education, entertainment and gaming. Remember, you too can bring your dreams to life.

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