Professionalism at work: 5 standard rules of the work place

rules of work

Many people get into work without knowing the important rules guiding the workplace. Professionalism at work is a must if you must remain in that job.

In fact, your career or dream job is dependent on it. As you get entangled or caught up in day-to-day work life, here’s what you should know in maintaining professionalism at work. I call them “The Standard rules of the Work Place”. Also, read

rules of work

Professionalism at the workplace

Rule #1- Avoid Over-familiarity

Do this and thank me later! It’s normal and awesome to have friends and acquaintances at work. Oh! Having friends at work is great stress relief. Believe me!

However, when it comes to working, the level of familiarity has to reduce till lunch break and/or close of work. This is because people tend to use their familiarity with you to slack at work.

Mr Raphael Diego, a director at B&B Pharmaceuticals said that the level of excuses and non-productivity rose by 55% at a time when he was almost too friendly and familiar with his subordinates.

I’m not implying that you become the Office Grinch. LOL!

All I mean is professionalism at work demands that there be an appropriate level of inter-personal relationship between staff and employer to enable effective communication at work but you must be careful not to exceed the limit. Read more

Rule #2- Maintain Fairness and Equality

It takes one with integrity at work to be a professional in that field. Integrity at work connotes fairness and equality in dealing with corporate matters.

A Professional does not let personal sentiments cloud his/her sense of judgement or decision making at the workplace. That is a major qualifying feature of a Pro.

Professionalism at work does not involve office politics or favouritism due to personal reasons. In the rules of the workplace, personal relationships and involvements stay outside the work environment.

Therefore, put a pause on all Office Clique matters till the end of work or as I stated earlier, during lunch.

Rule #3- Adopt Corporate Means of Communication

This rule of work also requires that staff develop efficient and effective means of communication between and within various departments at work

To avoid personal stuff getting mixed up with work activities, it’s always advisable to adopt non-physical means of communication, especially at corporate organisations.

I mean no one wants a “hey sexy” or a “you coming over?” message popping up on the office mail with everyone “Cced” to it when it was meant for just one person.

That’d be really awkward because no one wants to know your personal business especially not with a fellow staff (Well, some people want to know that detail). Now you see why personal messages should come after work or during lunch hours. LOL!

Messages could be communicated via staff customized mails so that messages are easily directed to a particular staff or all staff if it’s a general message. Memos are also corporate means of communication at work.

 Rule #4- Maintain Good Work Ethics

Work ethics consisting of punctuality, hard work, teamwork, character and attitude towards work, etc are qualities that need to be adopted and maintained to ensure professionalism at work.

This particular rule of the workplace is most vital to attaining professionalism on the job. This is so because basing work activities on good work ethics enables you to achieve the goal of professionalism without much effort being made on your part.

So, wear that suit or uniform and do that job without compromises. You are doing a great job already!

A Black professional

The Look of a Professional

Rule #5- Pay Attention and Follow-up

A Professional that shows a positive attitude to the job learns the act of paying attention to detail no matter how little they are.

One of the rules of work demand that the employee carries out and/or participates in projects handled by the organisation.

Therefore, this rule cannot be over-emphasized in this case. Professionalism at the workplace in this case entails following up ongoing and pending projects of the organisation.

Professionalism demands that the staff requests for or gives reports about a project even without being reminded.


AVOID GOSSIP AND TALES at work. It couldn’t have been saying better. Office bullying, gossiping and tale-telling only makes you a regular staff not a professional. You’re better than that so run from such appearances. Not literally though so you don’t look like a psycho at work. LOL. You know what I mean.

Avoid office gossip

Avoid Office Gossip and Bullying

As you try to stay on the path of professionalism, there will be distractions that aim at drawing you from your work goals. So, you must be wary and intellectually alert.

Remember this- Professionalism is not against good interpersonal relationship at work. It only limits it to a certain level.

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