Scholarship Owl for Students and Scholarships applicants


Scholarship Owl helps you to submit your scholarship applications to hundreds of scholarships without writing big essays.

Also,  You only need one scholarship application to apply for as many scholarships as you want automatically. Moreover, The platform helps you to streamline the scholarship application process by filling in all applications for you. 


Scholarship owl review

Scholarship owl is the modern way of applying for scholarships. If this service had existed 14 years ago, I would have saved time, money, and energy after high school. We recommend this service to anyone who is looking to apply for a scholarship for the first time

Furthermore, The website is user-friendly and trustworthy, and if you are not sure yet, sign up for the 7-day free trial.

Also, With a minimum of information, Scholarship Owl can find hundreds of scholarships that you can apply for. Besides, You can cancel at any time. Just don’t forget because the fees are non-refundable. Be careful with your money, and do not upgrade if you are not convinced.

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Then you’ll receive all the latest updates on this;

How the scholarship owl work

Firstly, set up your profile on their website. In addition, decide which scholarships you want. Based on your profile, you will find different scholarships that might interest you.

Also, Your application will be sent to the scholarships of your choice. takes only 15 minutes to fill in your information, and the service will send your application to hundreds of available scholarships.


Features of Scholarship Owl

1. Applicant Count / Report

The applicant count counts how many other applicants apply for the scholarships. Also, It is the total number; for some, it is only through the system but still indicates the “competition” for this scholarship.

Moreso, Scholarship Owl has the ability to “Report” scholarships if they have a false match or the scholarship provider has changed/removed the scholarship. Therefore their listing is always fresh. 


2. Recommendation / Essay Editor

The AI-Powered recommendation Engine recommends three personal scholarship recommendations; that the student has the highest chance of winning to the graduate students every week. 

Moreso, The recommendations are based on the eligibility, competition, and trustworthiness of the scholarship provider.

Also, the new word-level essay editor is a very advanced built-in grammar and spelling checker. The users can be sure the essays they are submitting are of the highest level. 


3. Transparency Score / Verified Scholarships

Amazingly, Scholarship Owl gives a score to each scholarship provider based on how transparent they are on having previous winners; winning criteria, and how trustworthy the organization behind the scholarship is.

Also, Verified scholarships are scholarships, which are hosted on the Scholarship app. Furthermore, the scholarship is all the company´s scholarship publishing platform.

Besides that Scholarship Owl collects the scholarship funds from the scholarship provider in advance and distributes them directly to the student or the high school, thus guaranteeing that a winner will be selected and the funds will be distributed on time. 


Can I get a refund from ScholarshipOwl?

To request a refund related to the ScholarshipOwl Service, please contact us at [email protected] or by calling customer service at 800-494-4908. At this time, no other Service may incur fees for which refunds may be available. … You will pay our fees without reduction for Taxes


Scholarship Owl Cost

They have different plans, but we suggest choosing a 7-day free trial to determine whether you like and need their service. Consequently, The following three plans are offering all the same service;

  1. Quarterly payment plan of $15 / month, billed every three month
  2. The monthly payment plan is $20 every month
  3. Half-yearly is $10 per month

Finally, With the $499 elite package, you get access to one professional essay, Personal coaching, access to tutorials, and unlimited applications each day.


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