3 Common Examples of How to Answer ” Tell Me About Yourself” in Interviews

Tell Us About Yourself Question

In this article i am going to show you three (3) common examples of how to answer a ”Tell Me A bout Yourself ” in Interviews.

We are also going to discover how not to answer the ”Tell Me About Yourself” Question.

Just so you follow closely on the subject matter, here is a brief run down of what we shall cover here.

  • 3 Examples of How to Answer ”Tell Me About Yourself Question”
  • The Most Acceptable Method of Approaching this Question

Continue reading as we show you how to answer this;

How to Answer ”Tell Me About Yourself Question”

Do Well to Make it Short:

While i believe you would want to start by pouring out everything about yourself to your interviewer, this could do you more harm than good. The point is brevity is key to successful communication‘ here and trust me the last thing you want to do is bore your employers when in an interview situation.

So instead stat with a good entry; maybe you could start with your current achieve for example if you just graduated and maybe you have some level of experience in related field then boom! that should be your start point. 

For Example;

”I just graduated from the university recently with a degree in finance. I choose this field because it has always been my dream to work in a well structured organization such as yours that meets world standard”

      Sell Yourself by Highlighting your Achievements:

At this point you are probably giving them a run-down of your career; this is a right time for your to torch light your achievements or accomplishments;

For Example;

  • Did you Receive a promotion? 
  • Did you achieve a new skill set that enhanced the company’s turn-over?
  • Did you solve a massive problem faced by the company?

At this point its important that your give a detailed run down of all these facts. 

Isreal’s Tip: It’s wisdom to always do a proper research about the company, before going for any interview; get to know what they are into and this will give yo a head start to answering interview questions properly and smartly.

        Wrap it Up With Your Current Situation:

This is also very key in answering this sort of questions; After giving  proper rundown of your achievements and all, end it with telling them your current state.

For Example:

“…and that’s why I wanted to interview with your firm. This position seems like a great opportunity to advance those skills I just talked about, and continue building my career and challenging myself”. 

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