Great Follow Up Thank You Emails After Interview (2 Examples) 2021 Proven Thank You Note Samples


Great follow-up thank you emails after an interview has over time proven to be a good strategy for job seekers as millions of applicants have through this got their dream job.

The Ultimate Guide to Sending Killer Thank You Emails After Meeting;

This might probably be your first time after the interview experience or maybe it’s your second and you’re looking to send a short thank you email after the interview; well you are in the right place.

Having an interview go side-ways is bad and most times your thank you email would only go a long way, but in a situation where you are neck-tied to another applicant, it will set a difference between you and that candidate.

And without dwelling so much on this, let’s dive into writing great thank you emails;

How to Write a Follow-upThank You Note After an Interview

  1. The subject line should be written in this format ‘Thank You for Your Time’
  2. Step two is to ensure that the email body starts with a personalized salutation {e.g ”Hello Laura,” or ”Hello Shaw,”)
  3. Furthermore, you begin the main part/section of your letter by extending your appreciation and how you had a wonderful and interactive interview experience.
  4. Try to also mention all those highlight questions that they picked interest in and also make a complimentary comment too of how you enjoyed it.
  5. Reaffirm your interest in the open position and also let them know you can’t wait to know the next step with them.
  6. Let them they can contact you anytime in case of any further inquiries.

What we’ve mentioned above are just a few tips but trust me with a short thank you email after the first or second interview in the above format, you’re good to go.

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2 Best Short Thank You Email Samples After an Interview

thank you email

Below are just two proven ways by which interview thank you email samples can go a long way in giving you a pre-first time on the job impression;

Thank you for the interview email ‘SAMPLE 1′

Hello <Interviewer name>

I want to first of all thank you for having me <yesterday/Thursday>. I enjoyed our discussions about <specific topic you discussed>. And i enjoyed learning so much about <job title> position overall. 

It sounds like a great opportunity, an opportunity that i could greatly excel in I’m looking forward to hearing from you about any update and also feel free to call me anytime in case you have more questions.

Thanks once more for the exciting conversation <yesterday/Thursday etc.>

Best Regards.

<Your Name>.

The above example looks very short and simple, right? Yea; that’s because many interviewers would not appreciate a 3-page letter and so it’s best to make it short, clear, and simple.

If you write a bulky message that’s time-consuming to read, might make them want to employ you less.

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Thank you for the interview email ‘SAMPLE 2′

Hello <Interviewer name>

Thank you for taking your time to speak with me <yesterday/Thursday>. About the <job topic you discussed> in <company name>. It was a pleasure speaking with you and i really enjoyed learning so much from our conversation about the opportunity.

The information you shared about <specific job title of interest> looks particularly interesting. I am confident that with my skills i would succeed in this role and it’s a position i would be willing to take on. I’m looking forward to hearing from you about any update and also feel free to call me anytime in case you have more concerns.

Thank you and i hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards.

<Your Name>.

This second letter looks longer and is more formal though. You should know that you can send these thank you emails as a letter or an email.

While telling them how you can succeed in this job, make sure you give them a little rundown of why you feel you’re fit for the position.

Add maybe like some you discussed during the interview like an experience or something to prove to them that if you come in you’ll succeed in the role.

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