Top 10 Universities in Austria for International Students


Top Universities in Austria for International Students – The top Universities in Austria are the very best Universities for international students. Universities in Austria provide rich learning experiences for international students.

However, They are high-quality institutions, general as well as specialized. Moreso, The technical and medical universities are among the finest in the world. In addition, progressive interdisciplinary research is a common goal of most institutions. 

Austria is among the top 10 countries that have generous fees for international students. Universities, various institutions, and Austrian agencies offer a lot of scholarships and grants.

And for students coming from developing countries, free education is provided.  Here’s a list of the top Universities in Austria. 

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List of Top Universities in Austria for International Students

1. University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is a time-honored institution with nearly 800 years of academic excellence. One of the top Universities in Austria. Also, It is the home of 20th-century philosophy and The Vienna Circle. Presently, there are more than 175 programs in science, humanities, and engineering. 

However, The institution focuses on doctoral training, teacher education, and the advancement of women’s careers. Moreover, The University of Vienna is the best university in Austria for international students due to its awesome academic programs. 


2. University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck is one of the top Universities in Austria for international students. Also, It is renowned internationally in research with almost 4000 publications in 2016. However, It is a proud home to award-winning alumni and scientists. 

The major areas of research focus are physics, cultural encounters, and molecular biosciences. Moreover, its 16 faculties have a broad range of programs from Geography to Mechatronics to Sports Science.


3. University of Klagenfurt

The University of Klagenfurt is an innovative university known for its progressive programs and sense of liveliness. Also, one of the top Universities in Austria.  It offers 56-degree programs in disciplines like technical science, humanities, and management & economics. 

However, It also boasts a 100,000 square meter campus with half of it being pristine green space that students will surely enjoy. Furthermore, Austria’s most modern University Sports Institute is located on its campus.


4. Vienna University of Technology.

Technology for people is the slogan of the Vienna University of Technology. One of the top Universities of Austria.  A leading university when it comes to sci-tech research, it encourages open collaboration between an interdisciplinary team of experts. 

However, This vision can be seen through the eight faculties specializing in natural sciences, engineering, and technology. Also, Quality education is supported by its efficient student services in IT, communication, and building technology. Their multi-awarded Plus-Energy Building is a testament to this.


5. The Medical University of Innsbruck

The Medical University of Innsbruck provides world-class research in medicine. One of the top Universities of Austria. Amazingly, This top university in Austria offers excellent teaching and training focused on medical theory, clinical practice, and service.

 Its research institutes are centered on university clinics, which in turn, are closely integrated with the provincial hospital. Therefore, practical applications inspire theoretical discussions and vice versa. Moreover, its location in the Alps provides the best learning environment.


6. The Graz University of Technology

The Graz University of Technology brings a contemporary knowledge-sharing culture to the historical town of Graz. Also, one of the top Universities in Austria. Among its 7 faculties, the top programs are Computer Science, Engineering & Technology, and Material Science. 

Moreover, The university’s research focus is also worth staying for. Students also have free access to licensed study software and programs. Besides that, It also has a dedicated platform and international student ambassadors for more personal support.


7. Johannes Kepler University

Johannes Kepler University, which is famous for pioneering programs plus state-of-the-art teaching facilities. One of the top Universities in Austria. Its top programs are Business, Law, Sociology, and Social Economy. 

JKU is strategically located in Linz in Upper Austria, one of the strongest economies in the country. Thus, the university is active with research projects partnered with local industries. Moreover, This provides the students with the authentic application of their learnings. 


8. University of Graz

The University of Graz is the leading institution in Austria. Also, one of the top Universities in Austria.  It is known for research, joint programs, and degrees in natural science, sustainable development, and anything about the environment. Other top programs include Psychology, Chemistry, and Business.

Amazingly, the second oldest university, it is also one of the largest in Austria. Also, Its location encourages a cultural exchange with South-Eastern Europe and this has been a main interdisciplinary focus of the university. 


9. Paris Lodron University of Salzburg

The Paris Lodron University of Salzburg has time-honored faculties in humanities and natural sciences. One of the top Universities of Austria.  Also, It is also advancing in technical disciplines.

In 2017, the university opened its Science and Technology Hub. Moreover, It is presently involved in social endeavors such as women’s inclusion, health promotion, and environmental protection.


10. Medical University of Vienna


The Medical University of Vienna is Austria’s largest medical institution and one of the top Universities in Austria. However, It firmly believes in research, teaching, patient care and it has also made breakthroughs in transplantation medicine.

Presently, its five programs are Medicine, Dentistry, Medical informatics, Applied medical science, and Ph.D. program. The Vienna General Hospital, Europe’s largest hospital, has most of its medical staff from this university.


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