Top 10 Universities in Switzerland for International Students


Top Universities in Switzerland for International Students – The Top Universities in Switzerland are great universities for international students. Also, Switzerland is a dream come true for most international students.

In addition to it being one of the top study abroad destinations, you get top-notch education quality at an affordable price.

In this article, we will be showing you some of the top universities in Switzerland for international students and we will be answering some of your FAQs like;


About Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known for valuing education so much. Also, It has the best, most famous and oldest universities ever. However, Different celebrities from various countries had their schooling here and are now leading comfortable lives.

Furthermore, some of these schools have been ranked best worldwide and have students from other countries. Alumni of these institutions are well known for leading successful lives. 

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So to help you make your selection among the numerous universities, here’s a list of the top best universities. 

List of the 10 Top Universities in Switzerland

University Of Neuchatel

One of the top universities in Switzerland, is the University of Neuchatel. Frederick William III of Prussia found a French-speaking university in 1818. However, Neuchatel is located in a popular city of the same name.

This university made a record of enrolling more than 4,000 students in 2012. Amazingly, You cannot miss this name in top competitions and articles like this one. A total number of students is 4000 that are located in four different faculties.


University of Fribourg

It is situated in a city of the same name, Fribourg. One of the top Universities in Switzerland. Also, This institution is among the oldest universities worldwide. History of Fribourg can be from 1580 records when it was established.

However, In 2010, more than nine thousand students were enrolled to pursue different careers for four to six years. Also, it offers different courses including Curricula in Swiss languages. There are five official Faculties accommodating more than ten thousand students. 


University of St Gallen

This is a research university that is located in a place called St. Gallen, Switzerland. Also, It was established in 1898.

One of the top universities in Switzerland Most of the courses offered here are related to economics, Business administration, international affairs, and Law. The population of this school is approximately 8000 students.


University Of Bern

This school was founded in 1834 and is said to be very comprehensive in teaching. One of the top Universities in Switzerland. Also, The University of Bern is popular and many people in Switzerland love it for being able to handle quite a large number of students.

Moreover, the population of this school is so high. More than 17,000 students graduate yearly while others enroll to pursue different courses of their choice. Also, Students that are enrolled in this institution must meet their requirements of having high grades from O’ levels.


University of Basel

The University of Basel takes the title of the oldest university in Switzerland. One of the top universities in Switzerland. Amazingly, It was founded in 1460 and still holds a good position in performance.

Also, Great professors and public leaders from different parts of the world went through this amazing school. Besides that, There are seven faculties including interdisciplinary institutes and guidance and counseling.


University of Lausanne

Lausanne is a theology school in Switzerland that was founded in 1537. One of the top universities in Switzerland. However, Performance of these institutions contributed to its winning award received in 1890.

Also, the population of Lausanne University is about 13,500. Most of these students are from different countries who come to seek quality education. However, the University of Lausanne is the best and has a better environment for all learning processes. All you need is to attain good grades. Enrolling is easy.


University of Geneva

John Calvin found it in 1559. John focused mostly on theology before making University of Geneva official in 1560. It is also one of the top universities in Switzerland.

Moreso, there are nine large faculties and hence ranked among the best and biggest institutions of Switzerland. Consequently, due to its high performance, most of the alumni from this school get very successful in their lives and are popular


University of Zurich

The University of Zurich is popular among many people for having a high population. Also, More than 15 thousand students are enrolled each year. However, Together with those that are already in school, this school has 26,000 students.

I wonder how this school works to attain good grades especially in courses with many students.


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne

Finally,  EPFL, is a university founded in Lausanne that specializes mostly in Physical and engineering career courses.

However, according to QS world rankings, Ecole is in 14th position and runs a nuclear reactor that is connected to its research. Amazingly, Above all EPFL is a French-speaking university and second best in Switzerland.


Is Switzerland Good for International Students?

According to international student testimonies, Switzerland is considered a great place to receive higher education in Europe.

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