Top 10 Caribbean Medical Schools 2021 | Rankings, Acceptance Rate & Tuition Fees


Top 10 Caribbean Medical Schools – These are Caribbean Top Medical Schools you eagerly want to attend and even not knowing which one to choose. But here are some tips to guide you through, in making the right choice.

Caribbean medical schools have been ranked and acknowledged for their educational excellence. For students who want to pursue a different specialty attending the Caribbean is just the best option for the student.

 I know you have a lot of questions in mind about the best Caribbean medical school but after reading this article, but don’t worry we are here to guide you through.

  • Why consider Caribbean medical school?
  • Is it hard to get into Caribbean medical school?
  • Are Caribbean medical schools expensive?
  • Are Caribbean medical schools accredited?
  • How long is Caribbean med school in total?
  • How much does med school cost in total?
  • Is Caribbean school respected?
  • What is the list of the best Caribbean medical schools?

Let’s dive into answering all your queries here;

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Why consider Caribbean medical schools?

The average perspective of a medical student, the path to becoming a doctor is considerably precise. You work hard to retain high-grade points, study for months to get the highest MCAT score as feasible, and then apply to any best medical school.

Unfortunately, applying to a traditional MD program is harder than ever. But admission guidelines are getting more competitive with every passing year, spots in medical schools around the country are limited.

      In recent years, only 41 student applicants matriculated. Caribbean medical schools have been allowing US students to learn a degree for decades.

Medical schools in the Caribbean are around 3.3 or 3.4, as a result of US students who have given up their dreams of becoming a doctor, can still receive the education they desire. Your chances of getting accepted are higher.

Is it hard to get into Caribbean medical school?

Caribbean medical school is said to be lax, compared to other schools in the US. You just need to get what it takes to get admitted to your dream school. But many do not consider scores or points on the medical college admission test (MCDT) as a factor during admissions.

What is the list of the Caribbean best medical schools?

  • George’s University.
  • Saba University School of medicine.
  • Ross university.
  • American University of Caribbean school of medicine.
  • The American University of Antigua.
  • Medical University of Americas.
  • Trinity school of medicine.
  • Caribbean medical university.
  • University of medicine.
  • All Saints University.

Caribbean Best Medical Schools

1. St. George’s University

It is located on the island of Grenada, which is located in the west indies. The school was established over three decades ago and continues to have a solid reputation. The school accepts students from 140 different countries, and there are several programs to choose from.

 It has a traditional MD program and also the seven years program that combines a BD and an MD into one. The school has impressive statistics around the world, students who graduated from there were accepted into residency programs. That makes them one of the best Caribbean medical schools.


2. Saba University School of Medicine

The school was established in 1992, it is relatively the new school and is located on the island of Saba. Rather than the short history, it is highly respected in the field. The school is officially approved by the New York state education department and recognized by the medical board of California.

     The school offers an MD program, one big perk of the medical school is the acceptance of the US federal students aid program, It is significantly affordable to attend.


3. Ross University

Also known as the RUSM is located in Bridgetown, Barbados. Originally, the school was established in Dominica, It was located in Barbados in 2019. The school focuses on providing a hands-on learning experience. Which can benefit you wherever you go or end up practicing in the US.

The school offers a traditional program as well, you can choose a track that matches your pace, whatever track you choose is still the same curriculum. Spending half a year on the foundation of medicine and basic science, the latter half is dedicated to clinical experience and rotations.


4. American University of Caribbean School of Medicine

Located in St. Maarten, the school has a proven track record of success and excellence. The school has a single MD program, the curriculum is US-based programs, preparing you for licensure in all 50 states, five semesters are spent in covering medical sciences.

During this time you will gain clinical exposure while collaborating with fellow students and medical professionals. After completing your clinical rotation, you will be an acting member of the team.


5. American University of Antigua

It is one of the newer medical schools in the Caribbean, it was established in 2004 but the school has already developed a good reputation. It even built solid relationships with hospitals and schools in the US.

Currently, the school has an affiliate network of over 40 affiliate hospitals across the US and Canada. The school offers a handful of MD programs, including traditional MD, an accelerated pre-med program, BS for Human Health Science. There are many reasons as you can see why it is considered one of the best Caribbean medical schools you can attend.


6. Medical University of the Americas

It is a smaller school located on the island of Nevis in the east indies, the school accepts approximately 80 to 90 students annually.

The small class size provides a more intimate learning experience, receiving one-on-one support from instructors to learn basic sciences and fundamentals. During clinical rotations, you can get ongoing personal support.

FAQS on Top Medical Schools in Caribbean 2021

Are Caribbean medical schools more expensive?

Caribbean medical schools are cheap, unlike the American medical school where students are in debt. Also, students who finish or complete their program in the Caribbean can fit into residency programs in the US, making the Caribbean a better option for your study destination for any international students.

Are Caribbean medical schools accredited?

It has been accredited by RUSM since 2009, because of the full recognition of the NCFMEA and WFME. The RUSM students find pleasure just as the same as the privileged students enrolled in medical schools, in the United States and Canada.

 How long is Caribbean med school?

A traditional Caribbean med school is four years, with the first two years (M1 and M2) being the basic science classes that are held on campus. The last years (M2 and M3) pertains to clinical rotations, which take place at affiliated hospitals in the world.

How much does med school cost in total?

The average total cost of medical school is $218,792. The yearly average cost of medical school is $54,698. Total cost varies by the institution type and setting, ranging from $202,612( in-state- public school) to $234,976( out of state-public school).

Are Caribbean schools respected?

Caribbean med schools have a poor prestige, they are said to accept students into the medical line, who are unprepared for the rigor of medical schools. As a result, they tend to have high attrition rates, poor USMLE pass rates, and poor residency match rates.

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