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7 Intelligent Interview Questions to Ask Employers

You’ve probably been in a couple of interviews and not know about this or maybe sometimes you wonder if it is okay to ask your employers questions.

Hell yea!, this will make you stand-out from others and this unique killer interview questions really comes in handy trust me on this and this is due to the fact that over 90% percent of job applicants year after year fail to use this strategy or probably don’t even know about this.

Being among the other 10% who stood-out gives you a better chance of getting that dream job of yours.

On this page we would give you a head-start on the some sort of executive interview questions to ask your employer and that will give a first good impression on your interviewers.

Killer Interview Questions to Ask Employers

Unique interview questions to ask employeers

Let’s dive straight into these seemingly common interview questions;

Top 7 Questions Intelligent Questions to ask in an Interview

Let’s dive right in….

1. What does it take to be successful here?

This should be a good start, it gives the employer the mindset that you really want to stay with the company to be the best, make an impact and not just because of the pay-check/money you’ll receive.

This is specifically the kind of persons employers are going out for because it shows them that they have little to worry over you, since your drive to be the best will make you committed and in other words impact positively on the growth of the company.

2. What are some of the striking things you’re looking for in a candidate?

Quite a very intelligent question.

I doubt if the interviewer will even expect this sort cause this questions wants to find out their interview processes and want goes on behind the curtain.

It’s a powerful question to ask during an interview which will make your interview think before answering cause he might not have even have anyone ask him that before.

And anytime your interview stop to think about a question you ask, it’s a good sign.

3. What’s the foremost thing you expect a new employee to bring to the role?

This is also a good interview question to ask employers at interview because it is telling by this question that you want to come in help the organization grow.

They will then see you as being one who would drive new ideas and innovation to the company.

Asking this question will tell the employer that you’re intelligent, proactive and different from the other candidates that they’ve seen.

4. What are some things that would make someone not a good Fit for this Role?

As surprising as it might seem, it is true that most hiring companies don’t get asked this question. it’s like asking the company.’what’s good for you?’.

interview questions

Ask this question to show them that you’re thoughtful and careful and also that you are looking for the right-fit job and not the first job offered to you.

This will make you not to look desperate and will pose you as the best unique candidate.

5.What’s the most challenging aspect of this role?

This question is a good and unique question to ask employers on an interview too as this will also tell the employer that you are realistic and ready for a challenge. And that you know that the road up is not going to be without some challenges.

This a not-too-common question and you can also follow-up by asking their opinion on the best way to arrest this challenges.

6. What are your greatest concerns about the department/unit right now?

The best person to direct this question to is the hiring manager.

Asking this star interview question to the hiring manager will push them to come out clean on the defects of the department or downside of the job.

You can’t possibly want to agree to a job without knowing what you’re getting into; right?

7. How will my performance review be handled?

Don’t a job without knowing the standards by which you will be checked and also how the whole process look likes.

This is the important question to ask the employer during an interview.

Finally i want to add that every interview comes with a different approach and i know that questions to ask employer during interview is not limited to these ones that i have mentioned but pick one or two and ask to your and let’s get that dream job.

Hope this article was helpful?

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