What is a Scholarship? | How Do Scholarships Work?

what is a scholarship

How do scholarships work? If you asking yourself this question then you are on the right page and you just might get answers to your questions on here.

What is a Scholarship? 

A scholarship is a form of financial assistance or aid given to mostly students and other qualified individuals in society.

Scholarship can be awarded to a student or an individual into primary school, secondary school, high institution and other advanced places of learning.

What is the purpose of scholarship?

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide assistance, help, aid or empowerment on the path of a student or an individual to gain or acquire academic excellence, financial support or other forms of knowledge which include; skills, and so on.

Types of scholarship.

* The Merit-Based Scholarship:

This is awarded to students or individuals on the grounds of their academic performance, special gifts and talents, skills, and other abilities. It’s the most common form of scholarship recognised worldwide.

* The Need-Based Scholarship:

This is not common because it is given to students or individuals on request.

* The Students Specific Scholarship:

These are mainly for students that meet up with all the requirements such as grades, age, sex, religion, etc.

* The Athletic Scholarship:

This is awarded to students or individuals based on their outstanding qualifications and performance in sporting activities such as football, basketball, race, tennis, etc. Although, awarding such a scholarship is mainly to students or individuals with required performance in the field of play.

* The College Specific Scholarship:

A college-specific scholarship is awarded to students or individuals in a particular field of study that the needs are very high in the society, such as nursing.

* The Brand Scholarship:

The brand scholarships are offered to students or individuals by organizations that are new or are seeking public interest and attention.

How does scholarship works?

How does scholarship works? This is a question most students or individuals ask while applying for scholarships. Although, scholarships awards are in two different stages or categories, which are as follows;

1. Full Tuition Scholarships: full-tuition scholarships are mainly scholarship awards that take care of almost all that has to do with financial resources, feeding, books and other logistics. Although, some full-tuition scholarships are not necessarily covering all that a student or an individual needs to get all his/her needs met. And full-tuition scholarships are always hard if not impossible to come by.

2. Partial-tuition Scholarships: partial-tuition Scholarships are scholarship awards that only covers some part of the whole cost. Partial-tuition scholarships are mainly meant to assist the students or individuals in paying or providing for some percentage of what it entails to acquire a particular degree, skill or knowledge.

The partial-tuition scholarships are often given based on merit and it has conditions that a student or an individual must meet regularly to retain the scholarship. Although, some newly established school offers such an award to students or individuals wanting to enrol but don’t have all it takes to be there in times of finance and other logistics, so such school might pay for the student or individual’s fees but asked them to pay for accommodation, books and feeding. Though it’s the most common form of scholarship recognised worldwide.

How to prepare for scholarship exams?

How to prepare for scholarship exams? Is a must-know for an excellent student or individual. And below are some basic things to note while preparing for scholarship exams;

  1. Applicants are expected to read properly the terms and conditions for such a scholarship.
  2. Every Applicant is always advised to study ahead of the scheduled exam date.
  3. Applicants are expected to be in the venue at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam.
  4. Applicants are to go along with all necessary documents like; registration number means of identification, exam print-out, etc.
  5. All Applicants are required to appear in a formal outfit or dressing and be their best.
  6. Applicant’s confidence is something very important when it comes to writing an exam.
  7. Applicants are to be of good behaviour before, during and after the exam.
  8. The Applicants are to ensure all necessary procedures are followed during and after the examination. And seek help from the right sources when needed.

What are scholarship requirements?

Scholarship requirements are those necessities a student or an individual must have to be qualified for any given scholarship award

Some basic scholarship requirements includes; certificates(primary, secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate), bio data(name, age, sex, religion, nationality, etc) , curriculum vitae(CV), 3.0 – 5.0 GPA or CGPA.

Apply for scholarships online? https://study-uk.britishcouncil.org/scholarships

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