7 Important Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers


We live in a new age where people do not have to be present to do anything including job interviews too.

Advancement in technology has eradicated the problems of distance and communication.

Today we’ll be looking at some important zoom interview tips.
So what’s zoom all about?

What is Zoom all About?

Zoom is a cloud-based video and audio communication app. It connects with several persons at a time and is used for meeting, conferences, interviews, to communicate with each other.

And you can connect with an Android phone or laptop all you need is the internet and you’re good to go. It is reliable in the sense that there are little or no internet interruptions.
Below, are 7 tips that guarantee success in zoom interviews;

Make Preparations for Your Zoom Interview

Certainly what you don’t know, is far back bigger than you. And proper preparation prevents poor performance. Therefore, all necessary preparations must be put in place;

Getting Set is Key

Getting Set Up for a Zoom Meeting

  • Download and get acquainted with the app before time.
  • Be sure you have the meeting link and access code from the employer.
  • And also test run the app may be with friends or colleagues to make sure your microphone and webcam are all in good shape.

Make Sure Your Environment is Conducive for the Zoom Interview

Conducive in the sense that all forms of distractions are put away. Your choice of the environment in a zoom interview matters for a lot of reason is that the focus of your interviewer should solely be on you and nothing else.

So try as much as you can, to avoid over-decorated and colourful posters and any form of noise for an effective interview session.

Have Answers to the Most Common Questions in an Interview

Look forward to the questions they’re likely going to ask, practice your answers. This will help you to feel more relaxed during the interview session some of such questions includes;

Work on Your Appearance for Zoom Interview Meeting

Zoom meeting

Appearance is Key

The fact you are not physically present with the interviewer doesn’t mean you should dress casually.

Your dressing should be professional. Pick your dress ahead of time to avoid stress.

Speak Calmly During Interview

In a zoom interview, you are not expected to rush your words take your time and don’t speak as though you are tensed.

Prove to the interviewer that you are confident by speaking clearly, calmly and slowly.

Ask Questions to the Zoom Interviewer

Zoom Interview

Ask Intelligent Questions

The interview session should be two-sided and interactive. Ask good questions this shows you are eager and excited to work for them. Be clarified in areas you are not.

Work on Your Body Language

Avoid looking around, tapping your feet or doing anything that will pass across the wrong message to the interviewer or cause distractions.
Note; your body language shows if you are tensed or confident.

Your eye contact is one good example so fix your eye into the webcam as you talk rather than looking at the video of yourself in the corner of the screen.

Following these few tips above in a zoom interview makes you feel more relaxed and gives you the best.

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